Full White Moon in Taurus: November 10, 2011

White Moon/Full Moon in Taurus

November 10, 2011

By Maharani Rutan

The skies will be filled with gentleness when the white moon enters our atmosphere.  As the air turns cooler and the autumn is getting ready to transit into winter.  Our sky will fill the call of autumn with a Full moon in Taurus on November 10, 2011 at approximately at 3:16pm EST and 12:16pm PST, transiting 18 degrees in a 6 to 7 degrees orb.

The gracious white moon is also known as the Beaver moon when hunters laid traps for bears and beavers to ensure enough fur are collected for the winter.  It is also a time when beavers prepare themselves for the winter.

There are so many things going on in the cosmos that many are walking around dazed and confused.  But not to worry things will become much more clearer on November 09, 2011, just a day before the full moon, perhaps things will be shocking. Neptunehas been retrograding since June 3, 2011.  However, many of us need to be very careful the shadow period of Mercury Retrograde will begin November 5, 2011 the most intense period will be November 24, 2011 through December 14, 2011, and it will finally straighten out New Years day, and perhaps things will be more clear.

But we are not done yet.  By the time the next new moon comes around many of us may have already beginning to go through changes with the Partial Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius;  These eclipses are the series of eclipses which will continue into 2013. I highly recommend you contact my recommended astrologers Lee Stillwaters and Leslie Hale and find out what is in store for you.

Going back to retrogrades, when planets retrograde they bring us important instructions.  It is a time for thoughts, worry, loosing, sensitivity, letting go and finding reality. So let’s slow down …..I will expand more on Mercury retrograde sometime in the very near future. .. but for now the full moon delight will surely bring changes.

Everything becomes clearer and more influential under the light of the Full Moon – passion and assurance can become quite exaggerated, and we may have more consciousness and focus on relationships. There may be a feeling of powerful energy by the light of the Moon and have more luminescent dreams.  Bleeding and hemorrhaging are more likely during a Full Moon, so take care. This is the time to crop, Pray and be Thankful, and to work on productiveness and success.  Worship and anecdote go wild under a Full Moon, especially around midnight. In a full moon you may become highly objective, clear minded and aware of your own needs and the need of others.

This moon is quite unique in many ways.  First many planets have begun to move direct while others are retrograding however we learned some difficult truth through sacrifices which lead to endings.  Now we have to post pone of our own happiness to allow our soul to evolve. This personal evolution is a seed of pain and sacrifices which in fact as allowed us to share our learned experiences with others-this also helps us to understand ourselves.

Under this full moon we are aware of our values and priorities to create our own world.  It is a garden of our lives while Scorpio New Moon gave us the energy to plant seeds now it is time to bring magic and refinement to those seeds.  The Scorpio/Taurus powers demonstrate a pure relationship between the seeds and its roots.  In easier terms it means our priorities of Taurus and our magic of Scorpio.  There is absolutely no time under illusions there must be an total focus and discipline in the areas that require change to allow concrete change.

Energy may be placed towards scholarly pursuits to solidify already learned education or skills in addition my will seek out company of friends to fill the emotional voids.  There may be tendencies to nurture people and simply accepting eccentric behavior keeping in mind after all people are people.

The Moon in Taurus pushes for a time of concern and realism. People may feel more old-fashioned and stable. This is a good time to continue or to finish projects that have already been started, as people may be more trustworthy and methodical. Like the obstinate Bull representative of Taurus, people may be bull-headed — reluctant to cooperation and be provoking. Care needs to be taken to avoid self-indulgence and inconsistent concern or desire for material wealth.

Since, moon in Taurus represents tranquil, sensible, bodily, tolerant, and intractable. We must use the convenient senses. Keep in mind those that have Taurus anywhere in their chart will be greatly affected by this moon. Which may bring a moment of renewed alignment between your sense of personal direction and your sense of emotional commitment marks the place where stability is important to you. Here is where you want things to be conservative, harmonious, and pleasurable and where resources, both financial and in terms of personal relationships, are applied and exchanged.

The Moon transiting Taurus gives us a very different feeling. Moon in Taurus is inclined towards substance, persistence, concern, and preservation. This is a good time to take a retreat or to schedule a lazy day of rest and sensual enjoyment. It’s a time to get into your physical senses and to enjoy the physical world around you through your senses. It is also a good time for environmental or preservation efforts. The theme note seems to be constancy and holding fast. This is not the time to clean out closets and drawers. You’ll want to keep everything.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is depended upon the quality of intention, and when it comes to finding a satisfying relationships and success, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but it is a powerful source of energy the mantra for Taurus moon is:

Om Sri shukraya Namaha

(om Shri Shu Kra Ya Nama Ha)

Remember the 12 aspirations.  Don’t forget to cross the ones you have already accomplished and make new ones. Don’t forget to manifest matters concerning materialistic things at this time.  And most of all don’t forget to light a white candle that day carve your name on the candle anoint the candle with Frankincense oil and chant Psalm 65 three times

Though marvelous as it seems be very prepared for Mercury retrograde in Scorpio moving into Sagittarius and stationed in Capricorn January 1, 2012. In addition mutable signs will also be getting new awakening with the Solar Eclipse on November 25, 2011. I will elaborate more on these pivotal events in the future blogs.

Please remember I am not an astrologer nor do I claim to be but the Astrological transformation is pivotal utility necessary to encompass the best results in Vedic Sanskrit readings. Vedic readings are based upon Indian sages who use the planetary influences to be more instructive to contributions to mankind through morally and understanding of karmas. It is through Vedic Sanskrit readings that we can encompass how our actions causes reactions which attaches conflicts which can be easily be avoided through understanding and standardizing our egos.

Wishing you the best of this Taurus moon and may you always be blessed with wonderfulness in your life.