Prisms of color lighting the moon: Full moon in Virgo 2015


Full moon in Virgo


Holli Celebration

March 05, 2015

By Maharani Rutan©

Our last full moon before the eclipse will light up the sky to make us aware that something is about to change and we must work hard. The full moon in Virgo will be orbiting at 14 degrees in Virgo (give or take a few degrees depending upon the orb) on March 05, 2015 at 1:05pm EST.

Some of the worst transits, and those that just bring irritability, have moved passed us. Now, communication should flow better, and we are seeing things much more clear. As a matter of fact, those that have Aries somewhere in their chart will not be shy or subtle about what they want in their lives; this is especially true when Mars (Sex & Men) and Venus (Passion & Woman) is in their life. Some may be very direct in what they want. Charm, magnetism, sexual or romantic relationships is what they want, and they want it now.


Aries and other Cardinal signs also become clearer with what they want. Sagittarius and those with primary planets in Sagittarius are going through a major transformation. These changes will be very unsettling as Saturn returns in Sagittarius and continues to transform (Read about it here). The intense period will bring some relief to Sagittarius in the summer as Saturn swings back into Scorpio for its last transit. (Read about it here)

But one of the most auspicious times next to Diwali is Holli in the Hinduism. Holli has many different meanings. Some call it “Spring Festival”, “Celebration of Good vs Evil” and others are a Celebration of Brotherhood. It begins on March 04, 2015 with a giant bonfire to signify burning of evil souls and saying goodbye to darkness and bringing light to many.


The following day Holli celebration begin with parties, food, and throwing of powder colors in bright red, yellow, orange, green and blue all of which represent the color of spring. Many western cultures have adopted the concept of Holli, through events such as color run, leukemia with colors etc. Whatever the reason is being this is to nub mother nature into bringing spring with love and understanding.

Each full moon represents different feelings depending upon the zodiac sign it is in. It is an energized time as the full moon naturally brings new people into your life, meaning that you must also let go of people who no longer fit. The energy and difficulties in doing this usually take place during the waxing stage which occurs 5-7 days before the full moon. The full moon does not necessarily affect the sign it is in, rather the opposite signs. But to know the depths of how the moon personally affects you, I would suggest you contact my recommended astrologer Leslie Hale or XtrologyofHollywood.


Many western scientists have failed to prove that violence, crashes, chaos and floods of patients in hospitals often happen during the full moon. In the eastern philosophy, Tibetan, Hinduism, and Buddhism believe that the full moon is auspicious. This is when the mind is the most clear and thus it is an ideal time to do prayers, meditate, and be thankful.

The full moon energizes more clarity in areas of spiritually, and the psyche. And moon in Virgo represents hard work, details and comfort; making this moon practical, critical, analytical, nurturing.


It is a period of individual nirvana, but also a time to pursuit for the deeper meaning in what you’ve shaped. How can you assimilate your idea into the world for the greater good of all? The Full Moon urges you to distinguish and honor the significance of the “other” – other people, other ideas, and other values.

Relationships are of great importance at this time, and you feel a need to share, to merge, and to your other half, whether passionately or through other channels. You are called upon now to work toward accomplishing stability – set the scales of your internal environment and outer persona, balance your necessity to take with your capability to provide, and integrate your final principles with what is possible in the world.


The influence of this FULL MOON can be especially difficult or challenging for those who were born under a FULL MOON PHASE, as well as for those of the mutable signs. Additionally, for those whose birth Moon is in Pisces, this Full Moon can sometimes represent a critical time for potential accidents, injuries, carelessness and the undertaking of rash decisions or judgments.

The Moon in Virgo brings a time of realism, exploration, and effectiveness. People may feel more diligent and detail-oriented. As a result, this is a good time to complete tasks; predominantly minor scale projects that require organization and attention to detail.


While the Moon is in Virgo, it also a good time for academic pursuits, but not it is better for those demanding precarious specifics rather than advanced inspiration. This is a good time for taking care of any matter that requires careful attention. People may become reluctant and salvaging with Moon passing through Virgo and will tend to be sharp, demanding, and even overly serious at times.

To calm these effects and be more productive with its energy, you may choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle (which will be the solar eclipse).


The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. The mantra for Virgo moon is:

“Om Eim Saraswatiyei Swaha”

(Om I’M Sah-Rah-Swah-Tee-Yei Swah- Ha)


This mantra invokes energy for making any project fruitful and successful.
The intention of this mantra is to keep us in balance and from losing our temper through darkness and unfocused energy.

Please take it easy this moon and remember in a matter of two weeks the solar eclipse will impact all humanity as it stands. Everyone will be affected by it as it is in Pisces and Pisces is God’s astrological sign in both Vedic and western. And since we are assumed to be God’s children everyone has Pisces somewhere in their chart.


Maharani Rutan©