Schdule: Winter Eclipse 2018

Winter Solar Eclipse Schedule

Instructions on how to book your Appointment

  • If you never had a reading from me done before, I would suggest you read and analyze if this type of reading is for you.  Not everyone can handle all the information which I give to them.  Furthermore not everyone are willing to make changes either.  You may directly access the types of reading here.
  • Choose 3 different appointment times, please note once the appointment is accepted the other two available options will not be valid.  There are always people standing by therefore, I suggest you keep your appointment, as you may have to do this process all over again. For further instructions depending upon the platform you are using they are listed below
  • All appointments are on the hour please see the schedule for availability. Example if you want a 30 min reading at 7:30pm please book your appointment at either 7pm or 8pm NOT 7:30.  Remember Solar and Lunar eclipse readings are lengthy and full of information therefore they are bit more time consuming than those that are done on a daily basis.  However, the eclipse reading gives a 6 month outlook where regular in-depth readings are 3 months.
  • The time slots are self-explanatory. If the you wish to book an appointment and the schedule states “Unconfirmed Appointment”, you have a choice to take the time slot by either placing a deposit to hold the appointment time or request the appointment (keen only).
  • If by any chance you are a “No Show” your deposit will be forfeited. For those on Keen the next schedule date for your reading will be 3/1/2018. I will not be accepting appointments for 6 months reading after 3/1/2018, until the next eclipse.
  • Please remember the self-readings are 6 mo. and relationships are 3 mo.
  • For those who have had a reading from me last eclipse your price will remain the same.
  • I would highly suggest that have a recording device.  For those who have had a reading from me done.  I wish I was a computer on speed but I am a human not on speed so I can only talk so fast.
  • The time and astrological signs are vital as this eclipse will impact people differently.
  • For those who had a reading from me last year, please follow the Aquarius bath recipe and be sure to discard all your notes as you will carry negative karma. You will be provided a chart after your reading
  • Please remember I highly recommend two readings for every eclipse because often predictions show up in one reading and not the other.
  • Unfortunately, I do not take any same day appointments.
  • If you are a keen client you may set up your appointment by clicking Here

  • If you wish to make a private appointment with me you may find me on Facebook Or on Twitter.  However please note I only check both accounts once a day.




Which means if you have ANY houses in either Aquarius or Leo they take priority.

  Again, I do not take same day appointments.


Thank you’s go out to 239 clients who let me assist them into the journey of the eclipse.  Each and everyone of you are individuals and your journey is as precious to me as it is you.