Generosity, Grace and Glory: Transformation 2016 Predictions


2016 Vedic Philosophical Prediction

By Maharani Rutan©


On Christmas Eve Day I decided to write my predictions for 2016. I could not help but to ponder the sadness of 2015. The great legions that passed away that that made differences in the lives of so many. From the co-founder of North Face (Douglas Tompkins) who kept us warm in the cold weather, to the designer of the Bat-mobile which everyone wanted (George Barris). Not to mention Former Senator Fred Thompson, perhaps better known as the District Attorney in Law and Order. We also saw the passing of Jackie Collins who kept most women’s romance alive in their hearts through her wonderful novels, Bobbie Kristina Brown – the only legacy of Whitney Houston who could have shimmered the world, Omar Sharif a heartthrob of the 60’s, Nicholas Winton who saved 650 Jewish children during the holocaust, and Dick Van Patten who played the father in the show 8 is enough.


Some of the most heartfelt deaths of this past year included B.B King (musician), Percy Slege (Musician), adored Leonard Nimoy (aka Mr. Spock in Star Trek), Zsa Zsa Gabor(actress), then there were those that the heavens set the stage. From Afghanistan, Africa, France, India, Australia, U.K, Japan and much more. Some of these deaths could have been prevented while others were caused by natural disasters. But whatever the case, and no matter what the circumstances, we cried many tears, we mourned, we feared, but most of all, we live daily to protect our family, friends, and country.

We will soon begin 2016 with many uncertainties, including where the future of one of the most powerful nations falls as it is placed into the hands of its political process. Thus we have plenty to think about and Mercury retrograde from 2015 going into 2016 will make sure that we think about how our communication and telecommunication is reliant upon the messages being delivered. At the same time Jupiter will also retrograde in Virgo.


Last fall Jupiter entered Virgo which brought or rather, is still bringing, opportunities to Virgos; but Virgo should not have wasted time. They should have been on the move: investing, looking, planning, organizing, networking, but most of all building as time is of an essence (read about it here). However, January 5, 2016, this magnificent planet of luck and fortune will be moving retrograde. There is an old saying, everything should be in moderation otherwise we may become ill. Meaning that if you love sugar and eat too much of it then there is a probability that you may become a diabetic and you may never have candy again. Therefore, when Jupiter begins to go retrograde in Virgo, all earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo) will be going through introspection in regards to understanding how to improve themselves so that they are able to handle more critical issues in their lives when Jupiter goes direct. The worst thing one can do around this time is to get scared because life slows down as you know it. Therefore, Capricorn and Virgo will have a double slow down whammy in January and February of 2016. However, it may last a little longer for Virgos as Jupiter stays retrograde until May 2016.


On January 03, 2016 Mars will enter Scorpio which could be good or bad as it means that everything in life as we see it may be all black or white with nothing in between. But it is about challenges, making profound changes, keeping things a secret, and testing our limits. Within two weeks or so Venus will enter Capricorn, and therefore, while their luck of Career and life as they knew it slows down, perhaps their luck in love and all things such as art and beauty will be at their best. Thus Capricorn may still be a little dissimulated and Scorpios may go through some through some transformations.

As Valentine’s Day gets a little closer and Mercury retrograde starts to move direct, we will feel some relief. However, Venus also moves from worrisome Capricorn and into friendly Aquarius. The residue of Mercury still remains however, so watch out for old lovers returning. I wish I could say that instantly the phase will be over but the light at the end of the tunnel will not be bright until the end of February when we finally get some relief, not for long though. Brace yourself! And hold on tight as the spring brings us some bumps and bruises along the way, as it did spring of 2015.


As tough as it was for us in 2015, the eclipses were not as bad as they will be in 2016. In 2015 we had 4 eclipse, in 2016 we will have 5. A solar and lunar eclipse in the spring of 2016 and Lunar-Solar-Lunar eclipses in the fall of 2016. In spring 2015, our first solar eclipse magnified openings with the Pisces/Aries eclipse on March 20 (Read about it here), followed by the Libra/Aries eclipse on April 4 (read about it here).


No, I have not forgotten, as always it appears that super moons seem to follow the eclipse, or vice versa; we will have six super moons in 2016, just like 2015. Instead of all of the new moons being in the beginning of the year, they will be during the eclipses or little after.


Our first new super moon will cover the entire sun disk and form a total solar eclipse. This eclipse will focus on early born Pisces’ who will now open their eyes with the first total solar eclipse on March 08, 2016, and Libras who will now end their last eclipse for a while with the Libra/Aries eclipse on March 23, 2016. Fortunately for Libras, they will not be affected by eclipses now for quite some time, but that will not stop them from being affected by other aspects. These eclipses will magnify changes for both Pisces and Libra’s for 6 months, setting the stage for their own transformation and I would not be surprised if all those that have planets in in mutable or cardinal signs are affected by these eclipses. Even though the eclipses are transforming Pisces, Venus will grace them by entering their sign, at least until April 05, 2015, while Mars likes things to be fair in Sagittarius and wants the truth. Additionally, by now Saturn is going retrograde and perhaps Sagittarius’ can at least breathe for a little while, at least until August when Saturn goes direct again.


Finally, the merry-go-round begins to slow down and we are able to get off. However, while we are huffing and puffing while holding on to the railing, the universe looks down and says, “oh you need some rest? No problem! I will give you rest.” He puts his whistle in his mouth and blows and says, loudly ‘HEY! MERCURY! THESE HUMANS ARE TIRED!” Mercury smiles, and rubs his hands and says, “oh goody!” Even if our life is about to slow down this does not mean the cosmos slows down. Our second super new moon will be on April 07. One week later, on April 12-14, Mercury retrograde will take the second earth sign hostage. First, he took Capricorn, next is Taurus which means that not only are Taurus’ going to be affected, but all earth signs. I know Capricorn, its hell, I know. Oh, Virgo too. And let’s not forget Gemini, Pisces, and Sagittarius. Oh, why not by default, all those associated too. While our spring quickly begins to move to summer our heads are now between our legs and we are in a fetal position.may1As earth signs bask in the heat in May, the third super new moon will enter our atmosphere on May 06, 2016. Additionally, a few days later, the splendor of Jupiter moves direct in Virgo at the beginning of May once again. But, by association all earth signs will shine bright with kisses and splendor in the glory of prosperity and abundance until September 2016. By the time Mercury retrograde moves into the ghost period. Gemini’s will be whistling as Venus moves into their signs and summer love will bring their love life a little sparkle. However, when Mars had gone retrograde in Scorpio in April, Scorpios and its opposite Aries, people became, and will continue to become very irritable. This anger may disturb the harmony for many people, and possibly even what they do for a living. While Earth signs are confused, Air signs may love the summer romance, while Water and Fire signs may be creating some steam. I call this period simply, a mixed bag of tricks. May will, however, also bring our last Blue moon until 2019; be on the lookout as it is going to be marvelous.


Finally, in June and July the universe will give us the break we all need. In June, Venus will enter Cancer and it’s time for Cancerians to spread the love and turn the torch over to his brother Leo. Family and love is always where Leo’s enjoy love to be. Now everyone can finally enjoy their summer until we are glued to our television, or taking a nice vacation to Rio, for the summer Olympics. Or are we preparing for the next eclipse, or the next full moon? No matter what it is, take your favorite Ice tea, put a lounge chair in the water, put on your John Belushi glasses and float. This is exactly what Pisces, and those with Pisces in their charts, will do starting in June when Neptune goes retrograde again. Ok, you may even feel a bit tipsy.

As the summer gets hotter Mars will enter Sagittarius in early August which will affect all fire signs. Sagittarius’ love to have fun but this time they will get what they want, and if they don’t they won’t hang round for long. Just a few days after Mars enters Sagittarius, Venus enters Virgo (August 04, 2016) where Virgos are sexy, shining, and making everything so sweet. With Jupiter and Venus in Virgo I wonder how many followers beautiful Virgos will have; they will shine bright and have what they need. But if you asked me I think the Olympic committee should have called me before they set the date for the Olympics in Rio. As we are glued to the television on August 5, 2015, the Mercury retrograde ghost period will begin to start making things quite difficult for earth signs, but this time he is holding Virgos hostage. Hence, Virgos will not mind, they will shine quite pretty. As for the rest of us, well, all other earth signs and mutable signs may have a slightly tough time, especially Sagittarius. Saturn, a planet of difficult lessons, finally moves direct in the second week so tough lessons are already on their way for Sagittarius.


Moving into mid-August, transformation for Aquarius people now begins with their first partial lunar eclipse. These are questions that arose from the eclipse of August 7, 1998 combined with those from the eclipse on August 5, 2009. All those with Aquarius and Air signs in their charts, and fixed signs, will be affected by this eclipse and all unfinished business must be taken care of now. But hold on tight, really tight, we are not finished yet! As we end August, Mercury is still retrograding. The summer Olympics are now over, we just passed an Aquarius Eclipse on August 18, 2016, and we are now ready to hide under the blanket. It’s like the Eagles song Hotel California, “you can check out any time you like but you can never leave.”


There is a whole lot of shaken’ going on beginning on September 1, 2016; this is the second Virgo/Pisces eclipse, the first being in 2015. You are now being questioned about things from 2006. Yes Virgo, you will be affect by one more eclipse two weeks later, then you are done for 5 to 6 years. Yes, Venus has left your sign by September and you have now given the torch to Libra where it is at home. You will also hand over the torch of Jupiter to Libra as it’s their turn to hold on to it for a little while because too much of a good thing is never good. I hope you used your time well as Jupiter will not be back in your sign until 2025 in the western astrology but guess what… in the eastern astrology it’s about to enter your Jupiter in September so maybe, just maybe, you hit the lotto with a double whammy? Maybe.

If you sit for too long to have a drink of water that is way too long on September 16, 2015. We will have another eclipse, yes you got it, and that makes 5 eclipse in 2016. This one is in Pisces therefore it will be considered Pisces/Virgo eclipse. Yes, I promised you Virgo, it is the last eclipse and it is. Pisces however, you do have one more in 2017 and you are done as well. This is also asking about your 2006 lessons. A few days later Venus will enter Scorpio and some things will be hidden. Mars will also enter Capricorn and here we go again – worries galore. But at least for Capricorn, things will look much clearer when planet rebirth goes direct.


I am looking at, and writing all of this, and I am thinking we need a break in October. Do you feel it coming? By now we are in our ghost period of Mercury retrograde. There needs to be some deep concentration on the Presidency of United States and the people cannot do this when “stop-go” continues to happen. So now the slowdowns are gone for the year. I think. The eclipses are finished. Jupiter is in Libra and Saturn is still in Sagittarius until next year. Uranus will retro and direct in Aries for a while. Neptune will be in Pisces for a while, Pluto will remain in Capricorn for a while, and Chiron in Pisces. So what’s left?


Ahhh… Super moon! The first super moon will be on October 16, 2016, which will also be a full moon in Aries. As I always say, if you find full moons are bad, a super moon is worse. But something very phenomenal is also occurring just 5 days before the presidential election, which is the black moon on October 30, 2017. The black moon is also a new moon in Scorpio; it a sign of death, rebirth, and secrets; hmm… sounds very mysterious. No, I am not going to predict who will President.


By the beginning of November we now have a new ruler of the most powerful nation in the world. Mars is in friendly Aquarius yet perhaps friends may be a little demanding of us. Venus, meanwhile, is in worried Capricorn. Finally, our second and the brightest super moon occurs on November 14, 2016; which so happens to be in Taurus. Tsk tsk, a bit stubborn; and to think, in 10 more days we will have Thanksgiving. Are we going to feel as though we wonder where the year went, or are we going to remember the year as thank God it is over? Except for the uncertainty of the nation, November is not so bad. And I promise, the year ends just like it began.


December 1, 2016, Mercury will enter the ghost period with Mercury in Sagittarius causing intensity around Christmas (something look familiar?). Our third and final super moon occurs on December 14, 2016 (Full moon in Gemini). Ending the year with Venus in Fun Aquarius, Mars in Pisces, Jupiter in Libra, we can now exhale. Virgo’s no more eclipse as promised.


So what will we learn in 2016? We will learn more about money; how we spend and how we should spend. We will learn about value of relationships. We will learn about family. Most of all, we encounter important lessons of work in progress as 2017 through 2018 is a transformative period of spiritual transitions for many.

Please note these are general predictions not to be noted as western astrology predictions, if you are looking for a western astrologer that can look at your personal chart please see my link here or contact my recommended astrologer Leslie hale here.

Wishing you the best of 2016 and may your transformation be delightful and spiritual looking forwards to talking with you on Facebook and look for my blogs of 2017.


Maharani Rutan©

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2014, Lessons Learned, 2015 applying the lessons.

predid201517Farewell 2014.. we have learned so much

Welcoming 2015, with are arms wide open

By Maharani Rutan@

For many of us 2014 has been the most difficult year that we can remember. We were forced to adjust, change, and adapt to events in our lives that were out of our control.

We started out with our first super moon, even though it was a new moon, and it was hardly seen thus causing many people to feel like it was a full moon. With our eyes closed we began 2014 and Capricorn led the way (Read about it here). We were slowly raised by our emotions through the full moon in Cancer (Read about it here). But of course the universe will not let us fully wake up until we understand and are mesmerized by our past and make sure we are slowed down by the trickster Mercury in January/February 2014 (Read about it here).


When we slowed down in January and February the universe finally gave us the strength to get busy and start working in the month of March; the vacation was over and it was initiated by the Full moon in Virgo (Read about it here). But it was not just about working, it is about passion and deliverance of what you believe in and the new moon in Aries brought the fire needed to forge ahead (read about it here).

We worked and planted the seeds but our lives are never complete until we feel people in our lives are fulfilling all of our needs and we have a balance in our lives. The total lunar eclipse in April in Libra questioned our basic essentials of a relationship and gave us the courage to leave relationships or start new ones (Read about it here). But this was not easy, especially for Cardinal Signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorns) as the grand cardinal cross ignited the second eclipse through stubborn Taurus (Read about it here).


April brought remarkable changes for cardinal signs as well as fixed signs.Any transformation is not complete until there is something that ignites the climax of it and the Full moon in Scorpio made sure that there was a climax before we slowed down again in May (Read about it here). Exhausted and confused, the universe asked if we were ready to slow down or continue to live like we do. It was a matter of emotions, family virtue, and wake ups through the 2nd Mercury retrograde in Cancer in May and through July (read about it here).

After a hectic April and May, the universe came to bring us magic through the full moon in Sagittarius (Read about it here) where she spoke, and demanded, the truth. While truth and justice can be difficult, the universe made sure compassion, love, and understanding sparked the magic with the new moon in Cancer (Read about it here) at the end of June.


The universe woke us right up and said, now that you are awake let me wake you up some more with the 2nd Supermoon in July 12, 2014 (Read more about it here). Bursting with wonderfulness, Jupiter entered Leo while Saturn was still in Scorpio. And did we wake up. Capricorn brought us realistic worries and the new moon in Leo brought us peace with our family. It brought a new way to talk to our families, especially those that are important to us. It also brought a new way to elaborate what we have done and make amends.
Once we were at peace and made amends a beautiful spiritual release woke us up again with the 3rd super moon on August 10, 2014 (read about it here). As it lit our skies, it also lit up a deeper understanding for fixed signs (Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius and Taurus) and we became more introspective; discovering that how we talk to people does affect the outcome. The full Super moon triggered many of us to get our hands dirty to start planning and preparing for things that matter to us through the New moon in Virgo (Read about it here).


Our planting, deliberating ,and preparing for a change in ourselves which affected those around us was questioned one more time with the 3rd super moon on September 09, 2014, in Pisces. It was outstanding and created an illumination in the sky (Read about it here). Which was encouraged through finding peace and love and happiness in our lives, which meant sacrifices and the new moon in Libra gave us a chance to consider it (Read about it here). In between there was Mercury Retrograde questioning every move that we made (Read about it here).
However, some of us were not ready to learn that and were not ready to give up what we had. Something had to give which brought us straight into autumn of 2014 with vigor and tenacity. The month of October began with the total lunar eclipse in Aries bringing forth anger and anticipation (Read about it here). Scorpios and some fixed signs finally graduated, releasing the chains and shackles to transform themselves through the final solar eclipse in Scorpio (read about it here).


The final clash occurred in fixed signs, saying you can’t hurt me anymore, through the full moon in Taurus in November 2014 (Read about it here). But most of all, the truth will set you free through the new moon in Sagittarius (Read about it here).
The transformation was not over for many of us. Talking it out was the last thing we could do to savor anything that remains and the full moon in Gemini blessed this (Read about it here). But talking is only one thing when things were hidden and the shackles were not coming off easily.


However, the planet of difficult lessons released Scorpios (read about it here) which were imprisoned for so long and emancipated them. As they will soon discover that in the next 2 years, Scorpios may have been wrongfully convicted and all the positive gifts will be placed at their door steps. Now, Saturn, the God of Karma and difficult lessons, has captured all Sagittarius asking them “can you or are you willing to change who you are to bring truth and justice, or are you going to hide behind the curtain?” (read more about it here).2014 will end with the simple pleasures of love of family and start anew in 2015.

These few days are about planting the seeds of 2015 and bringing romance and creativity in our lives; or is it?


We will begin the year with the first new moon which is also considered a super moon. This super moon, which is really the new moon, will hover over us until spring and the full moon will light the summer sky as early as July ending in September 2015. During these times expect high tides and water issues, sometimes electric malfunction have occurred.
Like 2014, we will also be told to slow down by the universe in the middle of January until the middle of February which will cover us until spring. But the trickster comes back and shakes us up to enjoy the summer slowly through the second retrograde beginning in May and lasting through the end of June. Then the trickster will be back again for its final transit with the final Mercury retrograde from the beginning of September to the end of October, making sure we learned all we needed to learn in the past 6 months.


One of the most incredible occurrences that began in November, called the Black Moon, entered Virgo and will stay there until August 30, 2015. This leads to many embarrassing moments; the more embarrassed we are the more we should look at who is speaking and ask why we put ourselves in these circumstances anyway.
Jupiter will continue to bring smiles to Leo’s. Though it may not go direct until April 10, 2015, it will still bring lady luck to many Leo’s until 2016.


Saturn has left Scorpio but will be back in the beginning of June until middle of August to make sure that all the lessons he wanted us to learn were learned so that Scorpios can really move on. The cycle of Saturn has just begun for Sagittarius, however. Don’t think about hardships, think about the beauty which has been hidden for so long will finally come out.
As transformational beings, something always has to trigger us to force a change because many of us like consistency too much. Consistency becomes too comfortable but how can we evolve as spiritual beings if we don’t learn and adapt? Therefore, the first eclipse in Pisces will change the structure of our own spirituality on March 20 when the solar eclipse could burn us. However, it will be eased by the lunar eclipse in Libra on April 04. Usually Libra says it was needed to bring balance to all of us as relationships are about love and sacrifices.


Summer will fill us to enjoy ourselves and things may be really quiet but as soon as we get used to some sort of quietness, the first wake up burn will be on September 13 in Virgo. Usually, solar eclipses bring endings and new beginnings and this time the Aries lunar eclipse will remind us to go for what we want.

By the time we close 2015, we will have learned so many lessons in areas of education, religion, work and power that perhaps stronger and more spiritual individuals will surpass the difficulties by looking at their own attitude rather than jumping to conclusions.


Maharani Rutan