Divine, Ethereal Humility: Last Eclipse in Virgo until 2025


Annular Solar Eclipse

New moon in Virgo

September 1, 2016

By Maharani Rutan©

Abstracts by Leslie Hale

The wrath of the summer heat has begun to move away. The droplets of summer sweat have receded from our foreheads and the wait for cooler days is shrinking. As Mother Nature begins to have a little mercy on us, we are ready to move away from being glued to television watching the most daring and agile athletes of the world to jumping into our own arena of contemplation.

It is very difficult for the most intense, analytical, hardworking sign of the zodiac to go through changes as they have in the past year. As complex as it may seem, some of them have been down this road before. For some younger generations, perhaps for Millennials (Echo Boomers) it may be hard for you to remember as you may have been very young. But some Generation X’ers can remember as if it was a razor cut that bled profusely. For Boomers II, it was a stitch without sedation; and for The Baby Boomers it was the knife that cut the heart. The day which I am referring to is September 1, 1997.


“We last experienced a solar eclipse at the same degree on September 1, 1997 and we experienced a lunar eclipse in Pisces at the same degree September 16, 1997. If you are old enough to remember, go back to these dates and think about the significant events on and around this period and you may have a clue as to what these eclipse may bring for you personally.”Leslie Hale

Here we are 19 years later and one of the most beautiful transformations for Virgos takes place as the last eclipse in the Virgo series. Some call this eclipse “Ring of Fire”, or “Solar Eclipse” however, the technical term is Annular Solar Eclipse. The solar eclipse always occurs on a new moon and the players of the dance, which I call the dance of the sun, moon and the earth, form a perfectly straight light; almost like a country line dancing. However, the Annular Solar Eclipse will allow the bright ring to appear whereas in a total solar eclipse it would cover the moon so that no light appears.

The eclipse begins in phases and always as a partial eclipse. At approximately, 2:13am EST, the eclipse will begin its motion and by 3:17am the full eclipse movement will begin. The eclipse will begin to maximize by 5:02am EST and the moon will go void into a New moon in Virgo at 5:03am at 9 degrees in Virgo, just like in 1997. As the eclipse continues to move, the full eclipse shadow will be at 6:57am and by 8:00am EST it is over.

Even though this is a beautiful spiritual event for Virgo, unfortunately the North America’s, and South America’s, will not be a part of this glorified event in the cosmos. No one will really see the full eclipse, but portions of this eclipse will be seen in some parts of Australia, South Asia, and the beautiful Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

However, not being able to see this eclipse may actually be a blessing as it is told in the Ancient Indian Scriptures that looking at the eclipse brings bad luck. I am sure Virgos agree when I say that they have had enough. But this is it for Virgo eclipses. Though the universe will come to check on Virgos progress in 2025, and Virgos could have minor bumps and bruises, there won’t be much they cannot handle.

“Eclipse are like wildcards and one of the ways we learn how and what we need to change and evolve. An eclipse can seem good or bad, depending on what aspects in your personal chart and often an eclipse is dramatic, or reveals important information if it aspects a significant point in your own chart/life. And eclipse often brings news pertaining to life’s biggest events the energy of an eclipse can go for months and some cases years.”Leslie Hale


Furthermore, not even Saturn will not affect Virgo’s as it left them in 2010/11, and they have transformed. Neptune likes it where it is and will stay there for a while so Virgos do not need to be dreamers as they make dreams a reality naturally. Mars in Virgo will be a good placement with the eclipse around the end of September. Of course, Mars never sticks around for too long. As far as Pluto, planet of transformation, and Uranus, they will both remain where they are and never go into Virgo. But we all know there is one planet that loves to annoy Virgos; that is Mercury, well one can never get rid of him. Additionally, I will elaborate more on the gifts that the universe still has to give to Virgos a little later.

Since this eclipse is the final eclipse for Virgo’s, it is imperative to understand what the universe had in mind when lessons kept repeating at 10 years, 19 years and again at 9 years from now. Maybe there are no similarities, but there seems to be some evidence that there are.


A few days before the eclipse in 1997, one of the most beautiful people, Princess Diana Spencer, died in an automobile accident in France. Microsoft became the most valuable company in the world, and Athens is chosen for the next Olympics games. Many are killed in the massacre in Algeria and scientists discover two diseases which migrated from an older disease, where there had been a vaccination. Lastly, Korean Air Flight 801 crashes in Guam killing 228, and Indonesia air with 235 dead. But discovery of landing the first craft on Mars.

“With an eclipse we have both endings and beginnings. A solar eclipse is more like a new beginning, and it is always a new moon. A lunar eclipse can bring more news of endings and its associated with full moon.”Leslie Hale

Moving forward to 2007, the Phoenix spacecraft lands on the Martian North Pole. Multiple suicide bombings kill over 600 people in Iraq, and Marion Jones surrenders Olympic medals after admitting to doping. An earthquake in Peru kills over 500 people and lastly Flight 269 from one to go airlines kills 89 people at the Phuket airport.

Collectively, we can presume some things that are similar to both eras and perhaps the universe is really being tolerant when teaching us to play nice, be careful, kind, giving, and explore. The eclipse on September 1, 2016 occurs in Virgo and will, for the most part, affect people with mutable signs (Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius). Under this energy everyone is so disordered or at odds about their own issues that they pay little attention to what they are saying, or trying say. People with mutable signs noticeable in their charts will have a tough time splitting the self from their feelings and not understanding that someone they want is simply is to fill the void instead of an emotional attachment or real commitment.


It is said in the ancient scriptures that those who view the eclipse will have it affect the person’s life negatively. Thus, not to take any risk for their people, many people began fasting 12 to 14 hours prior to the eclipse until the eclipse had totally past the solar system and during the eclipse they recite the Surya mantra. Many temples will close that day and spiritual baths are considered auspicious to wash away all the sins that are castes upon the evils of the eclipse and the sins of the year.

“Almost always unexpected information comes to light and at this time something may be eclipsed completely out of your life or into your life”Leslie Hale

The intensity of the eclipse really depends upon the planets and houses it touches in your Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Chart. Sometimes astrological or Vedic charts also affect the intensity as well. Eclipses are about changes. They are a breakthrough of the most important level, from a birth to a purchase of a home. It could be a loss or it could be a gain. Whichever the case, the universe wants progression forward; there is no doubt about it. Yet it may also seem that some of the themes are not directly related to an individual. Sometimes the impact is related to a family member, but at the end of the day there will be a correlation.

The solar eclipse, joined with the new moon, is about new beginnings and often brings shockingly positive news. Though for some it may not happen instantly, over time it will be very noticeable. Solar energy usually signifies male energy or Mars, and Lunar energy signifies the moon and we call it Venus energy. Therefore, the center focus may be related to a masculine energy in a person’s life.

Remember, a solar eclipse opens our eyes to things we have not seen before and a lunar eclipse makes a grand finale. Therefore, this eclipse could very well bring break ups where the masculine energy would walk away, or someone of authority leaves your company, or a friend, possibly a male, may just leave your life. Perhaps you will suspect something but it won’t be so clear yet.

With Mercury retrograde in Virgo, this will definitely impact Virgos and all Earth signs. Thus if you are involved with one ladies, it does not matter whether they are Earth signs or not, practice active listening. Especially with Saturn in the mix, last words will only cut like a knife and I have always said we can’t take back words. Therefore, things that happen 10 to 11 days before the eclipse are usually unexpected things we will always remember, or should.


For those who are born 5 to 10 days before, on, or after the eclipse, the energy of this eclipse is asking you for the next one year what you did in 1997, 2007 and now whether there are similarities and asks if you could or would have done anything different, and how. Additionally, what are you going to do to change this? This is because it is apparent that your method may not be working; if it is working then you have no reason to worry. The cosmos will be back in 2025 to see how humble and “Virgoish” you have become; or have you gone the other way? Usually, the solar eclipse brings true blessings and many could feel it days before.

Solar dynamism is exterior, patriarchal, shielding, and vigorous – being echoed and articulated from within our life force. This eclipse is predominantly objective and preoccupied with persistence – our principles and tenacity can be heightened and exaggerated. Profoundly reflect our influences in the world, and the full countenance of our civilization. This 6-month period is a time to center on community ties, make contacts, educating and fostering closeness to siblings and friends. This particular Eclipse chart places an enormous terrestrial highlight in one area of the Zodiac. Virgo, Pisces, and Sagittarius are vastly accentuated, and we need to watch against out-of-control chauvinism, misinterpretations, and over-sensitivity about limitations. Tiny specifics can over-run long-term aims.


The moon in Virgo brings mindfulness about all the little specifics and how we can aid and attend to others. Relish nourishing foods, pure accomplishments, and a spotless atmosphere. This is a time to be real and not live in an illusion; arranging every emotion rationally, always improving and humanizing every reply without offending anyone. Motivated for transparency and healthfulness, realism and hard work is the motto for Virgo energy. Virgos have great morals and spiritual gifts, and will help anyone in need. Nurturing others by analyzing their faults and helping to find solutions for them; look to a motherly figure as a model of pureness, principles, hard work and soberness.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, as is Gemini. While the Moon is in Virgo, it is also a good time for academic pursuits, and those needing serious specifics rather than pioneering creativeness. This is a good time for taking care of any matter that necessitates thorough attention. People may become shy and retreating with Moon passing through Virgo and will tend to be sharp, fussy, and even critical at times. These influences lead to a concern about food and health, for Virgo rules the guts and influence of absorption. Many people may feel the urge to clean up their homes at this time that is a good way to channel Virgo energy.

Solar eclipse is always like a pat on the shoulder from the universe when you have made positive changes in your life, kind of like a reward. Now, the universe will give to Earth signs and all those that have some earth in their chart especially Virgos, signs and directions to plan, plant, and start something new which will carry them into the positive future which could last into 2025. These seeds will begin to bloom within 90 days, 120 days, 1 year, and so on. To make it perfect there will be times of minor adjustments but there will be plenty of time to adjust. The Solar eclipse will again pat you for whatever you began in June, March, January of 2016 and the changes you made and adjusted to in 2015. Questioning were you a good team player? Or did you display feelings of insecurities, resentment, keenness, intimidation, revenge, gossip, or anything that was non-scrupulous? If so, then that will also be taken into consideration.

Virgos do not like people speaking ill of them and are very particular about how people view them. However, there is an old saying, two wrongs do not make a right. It is time to think of new ways to act, view life, solve issues, even the way you look. Breaking the shackles is the first step, breaking the negative thinking is the next, and living in a negative thought pattern is another. Earth signs including Virgos must stay away from words such as me, you, and I. Expanding their vocabulary to we, our, and us.

Even though this is a Virgo eclipse the energy will impact all of us in some way. It will give us all a chance to be critical of ourselves and how people view us. There is no reason to be loud, disrespectful, or even speaking negative about people in public or otherwise; as this is not what Virgo would want in their lives.

Although we would all love to live in a perfect world, Virgo’s are real and they realize this cannot be possible, however, the energy Virgos embrace is, “I know I cannot do this alone, what can we do together to make it happen?” For all the tribulations and trials that they have endured, just as any other person, Virgos do worry therefore, philosophical prospective of Vedic foresight will continue to bless Virgos until middle of 2018. However, the view point is Vedic and not to be mistaken as a Western prospective as a different outcome.

The predetermined forecasts which are listed below are based upon Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic theories. It is not Tropical, Sidereal, or Chinese. It is a theoretical prospective that no one human being is exactly alike nor one star is fixed. As the sun, moon, and earth belong to the galaxy, so do others.

If you are looking for a Tropical (Western) prospective as to how this eclipse is going to affect you; I would suggest you contact my preferred western astrologers, Leslie Hale or Lee Stillwaters or list of others which I highly recommend and have handpicked. As far as the Sidereal (Vedic) prospective there is one affiliation which I trust and it could take up to 4-5 weeks to get your life Kundi (forecast) back. It is also not recommended for everyone please email me for further information.

This eclipse, for many, is a 6-month progression for some but for others it can be 1 year, depending upon the placement of Virgo and Earth in your Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Chart. I recommend combining the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius which we had on August 18, 2016 as well as Mercury retrograde to get a better view of how things could possibly look for you.

To begin forecasting I will be highlighting those elements (astrological signs) that will be most affected by the eclipse. Please remember the signs in the VPA are placeholders, unique in the galaxy with different characteristics.

earth16Earth Signs

Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus

Positive influences: Jupiter
Negative influences: Pluto, Mercury

Earth signs, remember what I am about to detail here is again based upon a different kind of prospective and depending upon which path you would like to follow, the future can result in a different prospective.

Most of the influences which I had predetermined in my blog from the lunar eclipse remain the same except that a little time has moved the prospective a little closer (read about it here). I will not be expanding it again here. Additionally, the predictions may be brief as they will be expanded in future blogs.

Virgo: There will be a lot of moral support coming from business and romantic partners. It will also be a good time to think about future commitments and building future bonds.

Capricorn: Travel and communication will be the theme for this eclipse and perhaps by exploration there will come new prospective.

Taurus: Financial gains are again knocking at your door. It is time to join organizations or large groups to make new friends which could lead to networking and prosperity in areas of work and career.


Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Positive influences: Eclipse in Aquarius

Negative influences: Mercury, Eclipse in Aquarius

Air Signs, remember what I am about to detail here is again is based upon a different kind of prospective and depending upon which path you would like to follow, the future can result in a different prospective.

Gemini: Possible new project or new work. Those that are writers or work in creative fields may be doubly rewarded as they may get the recognition they wanted or deserved.

Libra: Take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Too much of a good thing is never good. Watch the spending and envy.

Aquarius: It’s a time of introspection and transformation. With this comes the behavior and attitude change.

Fire Sign

Sagittarius, Leo, Aries

Positive influences: Saturn
Negative influences: Saturn, Uranus, Mercury, Eclipse in Aquarius

Fire Signs, remember what I am about to detail here is again is based upon a different kind of prospective and depending upon which path you would like to follow, the future can result in a different prospective.

Sagittarius: Re-organizing, purchasing for, or beautifying your environment, as well as finding a reliable vehicle, or trading in the old for a new.

Leo: Diving into spirituality, learning, introspection, and settling old debts will be the theme.

Aries: Traveling abroad or short trips are likely, however, so are empty pockets. Money issues and health issues may cause problems in moving forward.

Water Signs

Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

Positive influences: Saturn, Neptune

Negative influences: Saturn, Neptune, Chiron

Water Signs, remember what I am about to detail here is again is based upon a different kind of prospective and depending upon which path you would like to follow, the future can result in a different prospective.

Pisces: Transforming emotions and heightened creativity.

Cancer: Traveling, spirituality, guarding your character and advancing your education will be the theme.

Scorpio: Going back to school or learning something new, possibilities exist for child birth or positive news regarding children.

This is a magnificent eclipse not to be undermined or taken lightly. This is not only about human change, but humanitarian giving.

The moon in Virgo is truthful, duteous, hygienic, complicated, and accommodating. It is my suggestion that you purchase a Green candle and carve your name through to the wick.

As this is the last eclipse in Virgo until 2025, it is my suggestion to anoint the candle with Peppermint oil and Sandalwood oil and chant the psalms 5 and 37. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the eclipse.

Remember that with all meanings of psalms and mantras, accomplishing the anticipated result is dependent on upon the value of the goal. When it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. Prayers should never consist of requesting desires rather, needs which are never a person but mundane things which assist in survival (basic needs). In the long run the universe will fulfill your desires as long as your needs are pure.

The mantra for the Solar Eclipse is:

Om Surya namaha

(om sur ya aa na ma ha)

Here is the actual pronunciation can be found below:
Copy and paste https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wlYyrWyXiA

Jupiter Blessings for Earth and Air Signs:


Om Guru Namaha

( Om Guru Namaha)

If you want to just listen close your eyes just listen
Copy and paste https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQYgiDBwacM

The ruling planet for the last eclipse in Virgo is Lord Shiva:


Om Namaha Shivaya

(Om nama ha Shiv a ya)

If you cant pronounce (this also just listen)
Copy and paste https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txLw5izh5ns


These are broad predispositions; every person, feeling, reaction, and action is unique to that individual. Therefore, this is not to be taken as a precise science or belief, only as material and consciousness of action and reaction to certain energy.

Vedic readings are quite distinctive. Not western astrology or Vedic astrology, they are an inimitable system which integrates astrology and inclination to bring the most exclusive potential of shifting actions and reactions. These actions and reactions bring spirituality and humility in areas of prospecting for new things, as well as seeing meditative factors in order to abolish, or at least walk around, negativity.

Starting September 1 through September 9, 2016 I will be expanding my normal 90 day reading to 6-month self-reading by appointment. I highly encourage the spiritual ritual of baths and disposal of prior notes in a very spiritual manner.

Wishing you the best this eclipse has to offer and all the joy that it brings with it.


Maharani Rutan©

Maharani468Copyright © 2016 www. cosmicpsychic.com Written and Edited by Maharani Rutan@
All rights reserved©

New Facts, Habits, Actions: Blind Leap of Faith: “Almost Lunar Eclipse” in Aquarius August 2016

auge8316Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

Full moon in Aquarius

August 18, 2016

By Maharani Rutan©

Long before I began to write about this eclipse all I could do was to correlate this phenomenal event with the 60’s era. This was a time when people did what they wanted to do and participated in protests against racism, sexism, politics, and social roles; not to mention the protests for the transformation of governmental oversight. It was also a time of new innovations, technology, and new freedom. At the same time shocking deaths forced many to reform what they treasured here in the states as well as abroad. Younger generations, confused and doubtful, took on the mainstream by cultivating change. They were the tree huggers and hippies, wearing dreadlocks and long hair.

LSD put them in a trance so they could fly into another world and marijuana soothed their pain. It was believed that the more love one gave became the more love received. The only song that lingered in my mind, rippling like an ear worm even though I was not born until the later part of the 60’s, was “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In “by The 5th Dimension. If you have not heard it, it’s a must listen and can be found on YouTube. The lyric begins like this…


When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
Age of Aquarius

Great artists like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, Joe Cocker, and Crosby, Stills & Nash all had something to say and lit up Woodstock. So here we are 47 years later. Does anything going on right now look or sound familiar? Open your eyes! This is what Aquarius is all about – a vision, enlightenment goals, and most of all, opportunities. This is your clarity, your spirituality, and your transformation. However, this transformation is only the first stage.

Imagine for a moment, the universe wants to turn you into a beautiful spiritual flower unique and so sublime. But to turn energy into a spiritual flower it requires stages and is stage one. In this stage there is an awakening, a closing of one door to open another. The door however, must be sealed shut, never to be opened again. The universe has to show you that the seal cannot be broken and transformation must occur. As history repeats itself it evolves. The evolution becomes more complex, more driven, and this means more conflict driven. But at the end of transformation a rebirth will change history, people, and the entire social structure, bringing us back to look at where we are today.

The 2016 Olympics in Rio have already begun, assuring minor glitches with the trickster Mercury in the heart of all (read about it here). As Aquarius loves to bring groups and people together. Leo energy loves to be loved; embrace the energy and other people, and with it brings richness and companionship and friendship.


This is the very start to the message that is being delivered across India on the 18th of August; a message of hope, relationship, bond, and affection. Since the eclipse is not as intense, this day will be one of celebration, prayers, and thankfulness of siblings. But not just any siblings, but of brothers and sisters, it is known as Raksha Bandhan. The translation of Raksha Bandhan is known as “an oath of protection.” This is a day when all brothers make an oath to their sister, or sisters, that they will protect them from destruction or difficulties. They will pray that God will always protect them from evil. In return then sister/sisters will tie the silk thread called Rakhi (now beautifully decorated) to the right wrist of her brother to remind him to pray and she in turn will pray for his well being. This is a traditional method of celebration. As times have changed women tie Rakhi, for the same reasons, on those whom they feel are like brothers or protectors to them.

As we slowly move across the street like a snail on a hot summer day, what we wanted to see was this big bright Lunar Eclipse that lights the sky like so many times before. But for the first time in so many years, the sun won’t kiss the moon or the earth, therefore it is called an “Almost Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.” Under normal circumstances, a penumbra eclipse occurs when the moon, earth, and the sun form an “almost” straight line but the earth blocks “some” of the sun’s light from reaching the moon’s surfaces and as it is called penumbra the name for this eclipse is self-evident. In this instance however, it is “almost”, meaning that no one on planet earth will be able to view it. Additionally, its duration, if it were to occur, would last only 2 minutes and 42 seconds.


With no lunar eclipse the sun will still light the skies and form a magnificent light opening the gateway to transformation for Aquarius and those that have Aquarius anywhere in their chart. However, this eclipse will not just alter the visions for Aquarius, but also impact and shake his brother and sister fixed signs (Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus) and by characteristics Air signs (Gemini & Libra) as well as all those that have planets associated in the houses listed above. However, looking at the calculation through Vedic Sanskrit analysis I would not be surprised if mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces) and early signs are affected also as they are right in the range of the impact of the intensity. There are very few of you that are being left out of the equation. This would seem that it could be a plus or a negative as the energy of the next two eclipses could have you shaking a little bit more than normal. To find out how or where you will personally be affected I would suggest you contact my recommended astrologers here or here.

As I always roll forward and backward, history impacts our future and impacts our present. The energy of this full moon as it sits at 25 degrees in Aquarius/Leo with its brightness visible at 5:27am EST and 2:27 am PST will keep many people awake. But this is not the first time we have felt this energy. On August 16, 2008, we had a Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees in Aquarius/Leo which was very close to this degree and the familiarity brings chills. Rewind please…

In August 2008, an enormous ceremony opens in Beijing with about 15 thousand performers, over 100 thousand in the stadium, and over 900 million watching; within a few days, an American couple is stabbed at the Olympics. After having to rebuild its City from Katrina, New Orleans had to brace again for Hurricane Gustav. Several natural disasters killed hundreds in India between the stampede in Nepal and Bihar floods. While the U.S joint forces conducted a lethal airstrike killing many Afghani civilians, Senator Obama is elected the Democratic presidential nominee while Hilary Clinton challenges the Democratic Party by requesting followers to assemble behind Obama. Though the circumstances have changed and maybe even some of the roles, don’t some of the events look a bit familiar?

Hence, the world will not be the only thing at center stage during this eclipse; this eclipse is bringing back to a certain point issues and business that was undone August through September of 2007 and February through August of 2007. This is a substantial adjustment concentrating predominantly on matters of home, family, and health. This will also greatly distress relationships as the full moon will activate endings and I would not be surprised if relationships end or come to a breaking point where there is some consideration of a separation or time out.

Aquarius energy has a natural tendency to have some detachment as observation and queues are quite important to their energy. But the full moon will intensify this – the ability for showing impartiality when connecting to our feelings and those of others is of major importance. To view sensitive conditions rationally and systematically is the name of the game. Feelings are erratic. Preferring to channel emotional energy into scholarly pursuits – sometimes just to avoid feeling at all, or turning pain into pleasure could be the way out. The company of friends for emotional joy is the key to self-gratification. By nurturing others and appreciating their brilliance and um-conventionalities could bring curiosity back from darkness. A Motherly figure could also stimulate intellectual pursuits, but she is distant or aloof.

In a way, we are all desperately seeking spirituality and peace after the chaos and shocks that have rippled through our veins and this eclipse is just a glimpse of what is yet to come.

The information I am giving you below is not western astrology or Vedic astrology, rather Vedic philosophical inferences based upon mathematical anomalies. The Astrological names are placeholders as named signs in which difficulties may occur.

If you are looking for a Western Astrologer, you may seek counsel with my preferred astrologers Leslie or Lee here. If they are unavailable, you may reach out to my other available astrologers. If you are looking for a Vedic Astrologer, the only ones I know and trust are not located in the states therefore I am able to give a referral at this time.


I will begin the analysis with the signs that will be affected by the eclipses most intensely. As this is the first mini, I call it a “touch” lunar eclipse focusing primarily on Aquarius. By association, the focus will be on Aquarius and Fixed signs.

Fixed Signs

Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio

Along with this Eclipse, which will transform many of you spiritually and emotionally, other planetary influences may also cause some difficulties. Some will bring luck (that is what it will feel like) and some will cause difficulties. It depends upon which influences you wish to follow. According to Vedic philosophies Saturn resumes in Scorpio retrograde which will influence all fixed signs and those that have Scorpio planets in their charts until Mid-September when it moves direct. Alternatively, Western Astrology purports that Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius which will influence fire signs which focuses primarily on Sagittarius and fire signs. The influence of Jupiter is moving away from Leo and moving into Virgo in September which will influence Taurus. However, Mercury retrograde has already begun to cause some dissimulation and will cause changes and re-considerations to specific details. It is my suggestion to combine both the eclipse and retrograde information to visualize a more concrete prospective.

Aquarius: This is your eclipse. No matter how small it may seem to the naked human eye, trust me when I tell you that emotionally and spiritually it may seem so intense that through your perception it will seem larger than the sky itself. This transition will continue to turn you from a caterpillar into a butterfly. But remember, coming out of a cocoon is not an easy job and some butterflies never make out. The trials and tribulations that continue to place stresses in your life will come to a breaking point. This is where you will have no choice but to change your character, appearance, behavior, actions and reactions, and how you see yourself. Somehow, when you become emotionally attached to something or someone, not only do you attach yourself physically but you attach yourself emotionally – just like the caterpillar. If your environment, or the people around you, are not healthy for you and disturb your serenity it will cause you illness, the intensity of which is not yet determined. Your attachment to toxic people will highly influence the level of intensity. The issues will arise when the decision to continue allowing the rain beat you down so that you never turn into a butterfly or move away to dry land, will be forced upon you. As stated earlier this is the first step; deciding to let go of the old and allowing the new to enter. This is not going to be easy as deep down inside you’d rather not be hurt. However, you do have six months to start planning how to do it gently with love and kindness so you don’t leave negative karma behind or create drama. The choice is yours, either way you must let go of something.

Taurus: You have been beating your head against the wall to have a person, rather than success, fill your void. You know the old saying, be careful what you pray for because you just may get it. First, the universe is asking you to devote constructive energy to thrust forward and be the shining star in your career or business. Second, you will have to balance your personal life with your business duties and accountability. You can no longer playing the victim as they will be connected. If one crashes the other definitely will. It is high time that philosophies, religious activities, and studies be an important part of your life. No longer should these things be on an as needed basis, they should be a mandatory aspect to your life as they will be a threshold to your maturity and wishes being granted.

Leo: There is a part of you that really wants a big makeover. It may become imperative that you want people to see you in a completely different way – whether it is the way you dress or the way you carry yourself. This may have a positive effect on your relationships as the universe has already blessed you with Jupiter and if you are in a positive, supportive relationship it will be blessed with glory. You may now do what you can to maintain good citizenship in reaching your goals.

Scorpio: As if Saturn is not already beating on you… Almost always, Saturn focuses on family matters. This eclipse will also be focusing on family matters, but this time around you may have to play the psychologist. Patience will be paramount as family and children are erratic, sometimes making you think that they are speaking an ancient alien language. It seems to be unclear what they want. Any deliberation on financial issues should be completed this year but be sure to do it between the end of October and the end of November.


Mutable Signs

Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius

Every three to four times a year Mercury retrograde always comes to knock on mutable signs’ door and disturbs you – once again they are disturbing your peace. By association the Pisces eclipse is affecting everyone. It began on March 20, 2015, there will be another at the end of September 2016, and it will end with a grand finale in February 2017. Thus, everyone is affected. While Sagittarius had a bad rap for a while, now Western Astrology states they are under the influence of Saturn to reform and mature, whereas Vedic ideology is forcing them to be home schooled, at least until January 2017 while it beats Scorpio with Saturn just a little longer. By the same token, next to Taurus, I feel Virgos are #2 as worry warts; therefore, the gift of Jupiter is just the thing that makes them happy according to Western astrology. However, Western astrology wants to take that away soon while Vedic mathematical inferences calculate that it will be entering in September of 2016. Whatever the case may be, this eclipse will be a complex change for mutable signs from the retrograde, Saturn, and the eclipses.

Pisces: You have been going through your share of spiritual development in the last few eclipses.
The universe is blessing you now by clearing up any aliments you may have which are under the care of a physician. While you may not have all ailments completely cured, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is high time now to thank the universe for the blessings you have received and any selflessly given contributions will be gifted generously as long as they are done without expectation. You will be blessed as you are inclined to reach a higher spiritual purpose.

Gemini: It is a known fact that you constantly change your mind. When your left brain says something, your right brain fights. Nevertheless, have you ever heard the concept of curiosity killed the cat? If you decide to take a last minute journey, or just want to get away which you may during the next six months, try to do this while Mercury is not retrograding because you and retrograde are not the best of friends. It may be wise instead to go back to school. Religion has always boosted you and it will again during this time. You may grow your interpretations and philosophies, or you may simply make modifications.

Virgo: This year has been a roller coaster from hell for you. But, come on, it could have been worse. I can almost hear you say but…all I can say is Appreciate, don’t Depreciate! The universe also slows you down for a reason. It gives those sane people whose brains don’t work 5 thousand miles per hour a break from the tick tack of yours. Remember, after this eclipse you will be affected by two more so this is not over. The combination of all four events will make you whole. Sometimes owning your own business, or being in power, is not always a good thing. Subordinates like people working with them and if you are in business for yourself, people may leave. There is a greater chance you will become very melodramatic allowing your adversaries to take an advantage of you. Work hard and show the world what you are made of. Break bad habits during this time and you will succeed. This is time to take a hard look at what projects you want to take on.

Sagittarius: Life is 90% attitude 5% gratitude and 5% solitude. Don’t impose things on others. If you are ready to make a big purchase you may decide to make that purchase during this eclipse. But remember, don’t sign that dotted line until after the middle of October. In the back of your mind there may be something creative you want to do but you may have your doubts if you can do it; either that or you lack the ability or the confidence. However, going to school or educating yourself may be good to get your Sagittarius juices flowing. It’s time to open up channels of communication with people – you have been hiding in your cave for way too long. Venture out, travel, and see the world. You will see how much you will benefit.


Cardinal Signs

Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra

Not much has been beating cardinal signs yet. Capricorns should be enjoying the gifts as Western Astrology attributes to Jupiter, however, Vedic methods will say your gift is in the fall. Capricorns began the year with Mercury retrograde in earth signs, now retrograde in Virgo will affect you and at the end of the year you will finish with a bang. But don’t get cozy as both of eclipses in September will transform you one way or the other. Aries’ have felt the burn of Saturn by association through job and family changes. Perhaps Cancer and Libra has been touched by the Pisces eclipse due to their placements they are just in a rest period as their eclipses will also change their world in 2018. So enjoy it while you can.

Capricorn: I can say you also worry. Although you don’t show it as much, your detachment does. Perhaps you may even detach further this eclipse as your mind will be glued to your budget. It may be time to save, however you might want to do it quickly. Be careful though, as tricky investments will lead you to losses this year. Now is the time to learn more about how to invest your money, clearing debts, and fixing your credit. But don’t get too comfortable as the next eclipse will have another task for you.

Cancer: You are just basking in the sun and gloating while everyone is miserable huh? This time you might decide to change your personality, clothes, hair, or the way you dress. There is a good possibility that you will be budget oriented. Relationships will be love affairs only seen in the movies. Legal issues are finally ending in your favor and remember to thank the universe for all these gifts and blessings. But I can’t say much about the next two eclipses.

Libra: I can see it now; you must be sitting by the poolside sipping Margaretta’s and gloating because of how easily you went through this last year. Now you’re ready to put on your sporty hat and be social, flirt, build rapport with business partners and associates, and build your contact list. Before you know it your black book is blue, red, purple, and all kinds of colors. But being this social has its price; it could mean that if a relationship is not stable now it will be really tested and end with a new one potentially beginning. Creativity can be high and success in every project is predictable. Enjoy this ride.

Aries: You may have been worried about your job or finances in the past and you should be as you had been warned not to take it easy last eclipse. Some sensitive matters connected to families and acquaintances might arise to the forefront. It’s now a period to renovate yourself by inaugurating different set of contacts with scholarly individuals. By doing so you will find that not only your profession may get an enhancement but you may even receive monetary recompenses in your career or financial boost

The Aquarius eclipse signifies the Harvest Moon, a time for festivity and joy; emotions are robust and of a content and lighthearted nature. There no need for a party to nurture spirits, as this is an ordinary time of broad well being and shared co-operation. The influence of emotional energy can be useful if directed into imaginative activities and self-healing, but often there is a robust craving to merely gaffe into diversion. It is better to coddle in constructive pursuits rather than return to more damaging or distracting action. Miserable predispositions can easily control under this Full Moon. The power of this Full Moon can be particularly problematic or perplexing for those who were born under a Full Moon PHASE, as well as for those of the mutable Sun Signs: Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius.

During August, in the Northern Hemisphere, is is also a time to harvest crops and lay down groundwork for the upcoming winter. The corn is green and grain almost ready, therefore naming it Green Corn Moon or Grain moon. While Wolves are howling from hunger in the Southern Hemisphere the rain and storms cover the ground. Thus the Southerners name it Storm, Hunger, and sometimes a Wolf moon.

The effect of this FULL MOON can be exclusively problematic or thought-provoking for those who were born under a FULL MOON PHASE, as well as for those of the fixed Sun Signs [Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus]. Also, for those whose birth Moon is in Aquarius this Full Moon can infrequently characterize a precarious period of possible misfortunes, damages, negligence and the activity of impulsive judgments or findings. Throughout this remarkable time of the glowing lunar eclipse and amazing full moon, realizing goals is our first significance.

Separate automatically and completely from outer title roles, doubts, and small pursuits; rather, plunge into the ocean of graceful saturating wholly being. Like a particle of powder that melts in the huge ocean, discharge single individuality into the endless encirclement of heavenly awareness. Inhale in grace and breathe out dark. Touch the cells of your body and convert them to brilliant and glowing with the penetrating radiance of the universe.

Let the substantial encumbrances of the earlier months fall away. Sway like a light being and an angel of the paradises in the melodious depths of ecstasy and harmony. I strongly suggest every single note you may have taken for your past readings be destroyed as Lunar eclipses encourage us to start fresh by destroying bad karma and making new.

During the Lunar Eclipse we must force ourselves to observe life in a changed characteristic. It is recommended to scribe aspirations to:” I require support in forming anything I envision and control to manifest bliss completely during this time. I require the wisdom to understand love and have the ability to engage in a positive environment of my choice. I require clear comprehension of my goals and the path I should be on.”

Since the moon in Aquarius represents Disobedient, Harsh, Lucid, Sociable, and Impulsive, it is my suggestion for us to remain stable. This full moon is astonishing to many signs. Though the lunar eclipse cannot be seen by the human eye it will be felt through depths of many people. It is also the beginning of the Aquarius series.

It is my suggestion that you purchase two candles, orange and orchid, and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candles with orange oil and orchid oil respectively, and chant the Psalm 51.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next eclipse in Aquarius which begins with the next spring moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the preferred result is dependent upon the value of intention. When it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. The mantra for Lunar Eclipse is:

Om Chandraya Namaha

(om Chan draya na ma ha )

For proper pronunciation and the number of times one should recite you look at the YouTube video here

Aquarius moon is:

Om Praang Preeng Proung Sah Shaneshchray Namah

(Om P rang Pri ing Pro Ong she shan sh ch ray Na ma ha)

The beautiful 108 recite of the full audio can be found here

This Siddha mantra uses the universal elements that govern each charka: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

The intention of this mantra is to keep us in balance and from losing our temper through darkness and unfocused energy.

Lunar Eclipse brings many changes; I will be doing 6-month in-depth readings instead of my normal 3-month reading. Remember that we can manifest whatever that we want. Let’s look together at what you want to change so the transition to the solar eclipse can be smooth sailing.

I recommend all those that will be affected by this eclipse take a spiritual bath within hours of the full moon, and the eclipse as well, and to properly dispose of their prior notes.

Spiritual bath recipe, proper disposal of the notes and my schedule will be available to my clients in a few days stay tuned for your personal emails.

Maharani Rutan©

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Wake me up.. Soul to Soul. As I await a blessed August


“Can you feel it… We are all interconnected in this world for a purpose.
To be spiritual with each other and for each other.

For 1 minute nothing is here yet everything is here..”-Maharani Rutan 2004


By Maharani Rutan©

Our lives are so rushed, we are all on a schedule no matter if we are on vacation or simply going about our day as usual, time has always been of a essence. Quite often sacrificing our selves for others rather than taking time for our selves.

This page is created for the month of August, to ease any pain confusion, indifference, and assist in giving you just a little boost if needed. Remember it is not going to be easy. As mercury retrograde in Virgo will bring some setbacks, the eclipse in Aquarius (to be posted) will bring some needed spiritual transformation, but glories go to Earth signs they are still being blessed by Jupiter and will continue to be. As the universe continue to torture Sagittarius/Scorpio are still transforming to pay back their karma and maturing to the types of people they like to become. If all else fails gratitude will deliver this year.

Sometimes in life we need to step back, surely there are many websites the deliver quote of the day to your mobile phones, or your social network. I am not trying to outdo them nor compete. I simply want you to consider these scenarios once a week and see how it related to your day. But most of all apply the spiritual solutions and walk the path of generosity and unconditional love as the rest of year will bring major changes.

I encourage each and every one of you to always keep a journal. As you will begin to see I believe in history repeating itself. I believe the universe tests to see if we make the same mistakes under the same scenarios or are our actions, reactions or decisions at all different. Perhaps a little bit of a reminder here will help ease the pain and assist in guiding you in making decisions that are best for you.

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August 5, 2016


Happiness is not a person, place or a thing. It is not a noun or a pronoun. Not the greatest gurus, saints, psychologist, motivational speaker, nor a leader can define happiness for you. Happiness is defined by you. It is an adjective. A feeling, thus feelings do not last forever but our free will can expand that feeling by simply holding on to it if we wish.

“Stop wasting your time looking for the key to happiness. The door is open and unlocked just walk through it.” – Steve Maraboli

Happiness is birds singing after a rested sleep. Happiness is a cup of coffee by the lake. Happiness is nature and all the glory. Find your happiness today and tomorrow.©2016 Maharani Rutan

August 6, 2016


Sometimes in life we look at the past to find the answers for our future. Often by doing so we get stuck in the tunnel and we can’t get out as the door has closed behind us and it’s too late.

“We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.”

-Gorge Bernard Shaw.

Why do we need to look at the past for answers? History will always repeat as long as we keep making the same mistakes.