Anxiety, Obsession, and Conviction : Full moon in Capricorn July 2015

fm7315Full Moon in Capricorn

July 01/02, 2015

By Maharani Rutan©

Summer is in full bloom; Mercury slowed us down a little and made us realize that the past is no longer beneficial to us (Read about it here). The summer also gives us time to slow down and enjoy the warmth. Some of us took the time to relax, slow down, and take those afternoon naps. Others worried, obsessed and became impulsive.

As July is one of my busiest times in training/teaching, I will try to make sure the blog rest of July is also posted. This is so that you are well aware of the reactionary tendencies which one may have.


Now, we are forced to wake up, the beautiful Cancer-Capricorn Full moon on July 01/02, 2015 and the brightness will light the sky at 10degrees in Cancer-Capricorn. Unlike last year, this year it will not be that close to the earth but beautiful enough to sit on the grass and gaze to see how perfect it is with all the stars in the cosmos.

The heat, humidity and the rain creates a rush of water and thunder, thus the English people named the first full moon in July to be Thunder moon. However, as the antlers began to grow on deer, the Native Americans name the first full moon in July the full buck moon. But every full moon is an important significance to Hindu’s as it is called Poonam. A time of forgiveness and starting over.


On the same day (July 01), 2000, the moon was located at the exact degree in Capricorn-Cancer. I am sure many of you many not remember that year. The most wonderful astrological aspect was a partial solar eclipse of the sun in Cancer-Capricorn.

In music, “Breathe” by Faith Hill was the top of the Adult Contemporary billboards. 8 people died in the Pearl Jam concert in Copenhagen. Actor Walter Matthau (of the original Odd Couple) died. On television: Friends and Everybody love Raymond are hitting the charts in television. Sports highlighted the twins of tennis Venus and Serena Williams as they became the new Wimbledon champs. In technology: we are now advancing. Music was being used for personal use without payment. And finally tickets are being sold on the net. Religion: Many followers of Dalai Lama go to see him in Washington, packing the Mall with over 50,000 spectators.


Technology was booming and so was the economy. Baby boomers were diminishing slowly and Generation X (1965-1984) was developing. These people were shaping their world through ideology and dedication to their country yet they were the most diverse with no bias regarding religion, sexuality, class, or even ethnicity. Working hard and using their own parents, the baby boomers, as a symbolism to live by. Thus, Generation Y was bound to stand up for their rights and individuals of their own kind.

Fifteen years later, we question what the baby boomers teach Generation X? And what will Generation Y instill into Generation Z? These are the kind of puzzles Capricorns consider due to their sensitive and insolent intentions towards others. Perhaps it can be a good thing as Capricorns are great leaders as well as business owners.


The Earthy Full Moon brings a time of preparation and growth. It is a period of individual gratification, but also a time to examine the abysmal significance in what you’ve created. How can you assimilate your prophecy into the world for the greater good of all? The Full Moon urges you to distinguish and respect the importance of other people in your lives.

Interactions are of pronounced prominence at this time. Input, assimilation, connecting, romances, and fervent dialogues are a theme for the full moon. The emphasis and dynamism will be geared toward attaining stability. This moon will give the energy to influence any aim. Capricorn Moon sets us conveniently up the incline toward our highest goals. Dig in those hooves and get climbing!


Limitless energy to challenge anything; Love earnestly, Seek respect and dignity in all things – thus thoughtfulness and productivity is one sided. Emotional circumstances may be somber, evaluating the consequence of your words and actions. There is greater need to be around social circles that are disciplined and correct. There also is plenty of energy to become determined, useful, and a good leader. By fostering others and recognizing their realizations, reassuring them to endure, there is a sense of belonging. You look to your mother for discipline and order, and may see her as a person of high status.

With the moon in Capricorn the quivering of Saturn is highlighted. It is time for assessable motivation and a consciousness of work and responsibility. In the search for standing and monetary gains, people might become ignorant, even callously harsh, through egotistical need rather than bitterness.


The Saturn influences of Capricorn cause sarcasm or doubt. Generally, while the Moon is in Capricorn energy is sluggish. It is time for industriously applying yourself to tasks while living solely in the present. The Earthy Capricorn Moon sets us straight up the mountainside toward our highest goals.

The moon in Capricorn is Strong-minded, Subdued, Determined, Solid, and Changeable. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle.


When it comes to finding nourishing relationships and achievement, it is of the utmost prominence to begin with a clear thought of what your goal should be.

The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. The mantra for Capricorn moon is:


Lord Shani

Om Sri Shanaishwarya Namaha

(OM Sri Shan aish shwarya Namaha)

The intention of this mantra is to safeguard and fulfill needs.

It is my suggestion that you purchase a green candle and recite Psalm 117 if you find the mantras too difficult. Make sure you take the time to write down 10 aspirations and recite them every day, wording them to say “I can have…”

Please remember, I am not an astrologer. These are broad inclinations to aid in comprehension and consideration of the energy that can often lead to either misinterpretations or a deeper understanding of what we need to be aware of. Each individual will feel the effects of the full moon uniquely and it is my suggestion, if you wish to have an astrological reading that you seek my recommended astrologer Leslie Hale or pick from my listings that could also assist you.


Vedic readers focus on shielding mixture through forthcoming forecast and common propensities rather than fundamentals, which can only be enlarged by the higher power energy, not human even through supreme aptitudes. Therefore, the higher power energy is sanctioning the option for modification.

Wishing you the most successful full moon in Capricorn.

Maharani Rutan ©


Creative Communication: New Moon in Gemini 2015

nm611215New Moon in Gemini

June 16, 2015

By Maharani Rutan©

The new moon comes just in time as the energy of mercury retrograde is causing many of us to be frustrated, obsessed and impatient (Read about it here).

The void of the moon will foster a new moon in Gemini on June 16, at 10:06 am EST and 7:06 PST. The striking void will bring likings in the way we interconnect and how we communicate will be the key for new beginnings while it transits at later degrees of Gemini (25 degrees depending upon the orb). However, the null and void is not desolation, rather a call to start something fresh.


The degrees of this new moon’s placement will be more of an impact to later born Gemini’s, including those that are born 5 days before and after the new moon. Looking back in time, the closest to this degree of the moon would be at 27 degrees in a full moon in December 2002, and new moon in June of 2007 at 23 degrees.

Examining the past is an important aspect of understanding the present and I recommend a journal every month as this can aid in being prepared for the future and handing the present.


This is a very hot seat for Gemini’s as Mars and Mercury are still hovering the Gemini planets. Soon, Mars will move into Cancer which can be quite difficult; between trying not to be emotional and being more constructive. The greatest joy however, will come to Leo when Jupiter makes its last dip into Leo to make sure they shine bright before it leaves and moves into Virgo. But Virgos will be on top of the mountain looking down with a great big smile on their faces starting in July.

In a matter of couple of days from this new moon, Scorpios will be feeling the burn of Saturn one more time and as they finish their last round of Saturn. While Sagittarius people will find it a relief from Saturn for a couple of months. There is an old saying in the Vedic philosophies – when Saturn leaves for good, it always leaves a present at the front door and this present is so remarkable that it cannot be replaced. The transit back into Scorpio begins again June 15 until September 17, 2015. I promise, Scorpio, you will find relief; it is almost over so hang on.


The New Moon motions a time of progress. There is a desire to take vigorous action because established messages are no longer practical. They could be as subtle as taking time to think about what you say, what you do, and how you do it. The adventurous side may want to take a little extra time to see the staging or take new lessons for well-being and health. You could begin a new business or start a new friendship, the change will come from the heart – believe in your heart and faith that every risk is worth taking as if it is the first day of one’s life.

The New Moon blesses new philosophies and new chances. These risks create the spirit of your own dreams and innovation after the Lunar Eclipse brought endings so that this moon can help us with the path we call life. nm69215

Depending upon where the placement of Gemini is in your chart it is predisposed by this moon and it makes unmanageable things possible while stimulating one to take risks and blessing them as long as they are good for everyone. Every chance will be worth taking so that there are no regrets of things never tried. To see where your placement is I would suggest you contact astrologers or my recommended astrologer Leslie Hale.

However, Gemini’s will not be the only ones that will be made ostentatious by the mix of creativity. All those that are mutable signs (Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces) will also be affected. Also affected will be those that have ascendants or descendants in Gemini in their chart. But remember, this may seem to be a very perplexing period of time. On one hand there will be new thoughts of how to communicate, thoughts about education, and inspiration, while on the other hand Mercury retrograde will absolutely slow things and make life a little confusing. (read about it here)


This is the time to Appreciate, Pray and be Thankful, and to work on copiousness and affluence. Many will be highly independent in their disposition. A drive to accomplish and satisfy individual ideas and principles is the focus of this energy. Hence, there is a propensity to react irresponsibly and melodramatically. The Gemini energy knows how to see both sides naturally; subsequently feeling more supple, undependable, and verbose will be the subject of this moon.

It is a good time to write, take care of household tasks and things that remind you of scientific puzzles, make speeches, or just let ideas fly through the clouds. Academic pursuits and mind games may become more vital to justify emotions. A spontaneous talk may quickly express things that are only true for the moment.


The Gemini moon arouses your inquisitiveness. Appealing notions seem cyclically interesting; like a small box within a larger box. Now is the time to make connections, perhaps via e-mail or telephone. Explore your garden, study from it, but don’t plant. Enjoy this ride because retrograde will make people look at their choices to make sure they were accurate for the circumstances.

The Moon in Gemini also brings a time of messages and elasticity. People may feel very talkative and attentive. This is a time to chase scholarly happiness and to take care of communications, both unwritten and inscribed. Like the twins that symbolize Gemini, people may be able to see both sides of a problem but they may also be inconsistent and fidgety, unable to make up their minds. Caution needs to be taken to avoid saying something in rush that will be grieved later.


It is my suggestion to bring out those aspiration papers again and cross off the ones you have already changed and make new ones.

I also suggest the purchase of a Yellow candle; carve your name on it, anoint it with sandalwood or frankincense oil, and chant the following chant: “”I ask to find the inner light of my creativity” I wish for the universe to help me achieve the recognition that I desire.” “I pray that I may find the strength to take chances with my creativity.”


Along with the chant, recite Psalm 7 every night until the next new moon phase; this will be July 1, 2015. Also in the mix mercury retrograde in Gemini, so not only will mutable signs (Gemini, Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius) be affected naturally but also those that have Gemini anywhere in their charts. So be prepared.

The mantra for this new moon is:

Om Veshnu Namaha

(OM Vesh nu Na Ma Ha)

For Hindu practitioners who are able to open up their 3rd Chakra which is “Padma” lotus near the heart, replace the Namaha with Savaha; this is only recommended for developed mantra reciters.

This Mantra opens the universal forces in your life and allows the righteous changes to occur.


The mantra for mercury retrograde (read about it here)

Om Buddha Namaha

(Om Bud –da ha Na-ma Ha)


Never get a reading when your energy is dispersed because you may not receive the best reading possible. 98% of all psychics are empathic and intuitive so this energy is very significant to them as well as you. Always remember that every reader has their limitations as to how far in the future they want to read. This is their choice; however, reading beyond 6 months is a very hazy condition. Our free will plays an important role in our destiny and we are able to change anything. This is the main reason why many readers do not go beyond the 3 to 6 month mark.

Please know that these are broad inclinations and in no way impersonate diligence in one particular sign. For the latest up-to-date trends in your chart during this new moon, I would suggest that you get in touch with my recommended astrologer Leslie Hale or other astrologers in my recommended advisers page.


Please note I am NOT an astrologer nor claim to be one, however, as a Hindu Sanskrit reader I use these principles to be a foundation for our readings. In the Hindu ideology, planets create the stimulus of conflict and our free will takes the actions. Therefore, anything done through humility and nature will play a great importance in life’s positive outcomes.

Stay calm, focused and call to the higher power to make your way through the propensities of extremists.

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Maharani Rutan©