Rise! Super Black moon : February 2015

bmoon152nd Supermoon of 2015

Black Moon

New Moon in Aquarius

February 18, 2015

By Maharani Rutan©

I pondered if I should even write this blog for the 2nd new moon in Aquarius this year (which is quite unusual). Not only was I a bit lethargic, but I felt that the information may be redundant and not be meaningful. I procrastinated for long time until I received an email from India.

The email had a pdf of 2015 “Panchang”. Panchang not only covers astrological and celestial phenomena it also lists the full moon and new moon date and time including the eclipse and the forecast. In comparison, Panchang is a lot like the Farmer’s Almanac but much more intense. The predictions are mathematically based on two scripter theory. Panchangam or Panchang is very detail oriented and highly accurate. Though almost every Panchang is written in Sanskrit or Hindi, I like the Sanskrit version (much more romantic language). As I was skimming through it page after page. I noticed something that I have never noticed before. Next to the February 18, 2015 moon a name of the moon was given along with the date, time and its expectation, and the importance of this beautiful lunar transit.


This is very unusual and perhaps I could have overlooked it all these years but the New Moon in Aquarius on February 18, 2015 is also known as “Black Moon”. This happens when there are two new moons within 30/31 days. The first new moon was on January 20, 2015 which was our first Supermoon; the second is on February 18, 2015. Contrast this to when there are two full moons in a calendar month is called a “Blue Moon.”

The phenomena of the Black moon will not be seen to the human eye and perhaps the sky will seem a little darker than normal. Supermoon is naturally called that name because the moon is the closest to the Earth. The next Supermoon will not be until March 19, 2015 (GMT). Perhaps it’s no big deal but if you want to know when the last Black moon was, last year, March 30, 2014 would have been the closest.


On January 20, 2015, the new moon in Aquarius entered our solar system at early degrees of Aquarius which trigger the beginning of important events for all Aquarius people. It also brought us the self-confidence needed to be bold, confidence, and suspicions. Being unstable and even spiteful was the energy it resonated. And it also impacted early born Aquarius’ (January 20-29). This new moon is impacting people at the very last degrees of Aquarius (February 9-18).

The moon will slowly bring darkness in the sky around 6:47pm EST and 3:47pm PST. The last time the new moon was in the later degrees of Aquarius was on February 17, 2007. The new moon in Aquarius has never been this close to this degree before (at least not in my time). The next time it will be in later degrees will be 2018.


It doesn’t matter if the new moon, or even a full moon, is in later degrees of any signs. It is always about natural good byes. During this time relationships could end; maybe there will be a move so that the relationship cannot stay together. Whatever the case it may be it is about natural endings and new beginnings. Overall it will be an eye-opener for sure. This is such a powerful new moon that it is also called a Karmic, or Karmic degree moon. There are/will be lessons to learn during the new moon and now they cannot be ignored.

The new moon usually signals the opportunity to begin new and find the energy and courage to take a chance. However, this moon is going to be a little emotional. The moon is the first degree of Pisces and late degrees of Aquarius. Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Aquarius, and often ruled by Uranus as well. So imagine for a moment that our lives will be like high tides. Pisces is the water and Aquarius is the one which pushes the air forwards. But on the other hand there are four planets that are going to form a square.


Many of you may not remember, or perhaps you will, that since the summer of 2012, life has been challenging. This is because two of the planets, Uranus (God of Confusion) and Pluto (Death and transformation), form a square. We may have been challenging our desires and things were a little out of whack. Ever since the summer of 2012 we have adjusted, improvised, collaborated and appeased people, places and things. The planets squaring usually cause difficulties in focusing on the here and now, and even more so on the future.

Aquarius is about group dynamics and bringing harmony. You need friends and new allies to make your world unique and inspiriting. The energy is just right to meditate, bring together societies, and have an egalitarian attitude. Thinking processes may be geared towards material things rather than people.


When the Moon is in Aquarius it is time to recharge your batteries and press the reset button in your life. Negative thinking and having people control you will no longer be tolerated. Appreciating those around you, especially groups of people, who have similar backgrounds of spirituality and work will be your biggest virtue. Living in a box is no longer possible for many of you. Freedom, vision, revolution, revolt, and change will be the theme of this new moon.

Aquarius people, and those that have any Aquarius in their charts, will be focused on completing those projects which they began, especially those that were created with passion. These projects will be delivered with great enthusiasm and their creative skills will be heightened. The incentive will be blessed by Neptune which governs art, music, and all cultural and creative arts.



On the other hand, Saturn, which is also involved in the square, is going to make a difficult aspect to this new moon. Saturn, a God of karmic lessons, will create restrictions. However, as Aquarius rules groups, organizations, and friends in an Astrological Chart 11th house also aspects the same. Therefore anyone that has Aquarius in their 11th house will have the most difficult task. The Neptune/Saturn Square will surely make people look through rosy colored glasses. Remember that if you can’t touch it or see it, it is mostly not true, especially false promises.

Remember that this is not a time to make long term or definite decisions regarding relationships, legal issues, communications, and other areas which are triggered by mercury. According to Vedic scriptures, Panchang Mercury is still retrograding and it is in its ghost period until the 27th. Therefore nothing will really stick and you might change your mind. (Read about it here)



But do not worry in areas of relationships if you have stood firm on the 18th and made no decisions, letting your life move along through the planets. Then you will be gifted, especially those that have Aquarius in their chart or are Aquarius particularly later degrees.

One of the most beautiful aspects that will bless many of us, especially Aquarius and Aries, is when Venus and Mars come together. This will give many of you an incentive to spend time with the ones you love, perhaps taking a trip to sunny countries or cities; Aries love places where it is warm. On the other hand, if you are single, make sure you look fantastic everywhere you go during that weekend and make sure you wear red. For ladies, a red dress will drive men crazy and for men, a red tie with a blue jacket will surely turn those single ladies heads and have them melting.



With all that fun don’t get too comfortable. For those that have Sagittarius anywhere in their charts, or are a Sagittarius, I am sure you have been feeling quite bold as you may be doing things that you naturally don’t do. Or you may even stand up for yourself for the first time in a long time. This is a natural energy of Saturn in Sagittarius (read about it here). Saturn enters everyone’s sign every 28/30 years and during that time it is the most difficult time they could have. The last time Saturn was in Sagittarius was in 1988. Do you know where you were or what you were doing? However, it does not really matter except that whatever you did, could have done, or would do would have an impact on how well you can present it today.

Even though this is not really a romantic moon it is rather a moon full of lessons and knowledge. One thing that can be said, it is a provoking moon where the theme seems to be to use physical and psychological capacity to build a future. It is time to restructure your relationships, all of them; if they do not satisfy your needs, are not fun, or fill you with a vision and promise of tomorrow, then it is time to let go.


No matter if the aspects of the new moon are bad, good, an omen, or unique, they will certainly be an eye opener, preparing us for the solar eclipse in Pisces. Following it with the 4 eclipse in Aries since 2012, change is definitely on its way.

Aries should enjoy everything that happens on the weekend of February 21-23, while Sagittarius will feel the push and pull and feeling of running away. For Pisces and mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius) it will be time to wake up. Cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra), you too may be following the steps with Aries where your love life will either be full of passion and wonderful awakenings or perhaps your expectations are way too high with respect to where it may end. Hence that Fixed signs will have very little do with what is happening until the eclipses, unless they have Aquarius somewhere in the chart.


I would highly encourage you to follow the same methods of mantras and white magic candle work as you did on the January 20, 2015 moon. The only difference with this aspect is that it is covering all Aquarius’ now.

The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. The mantra for Aquarius moon is:

“Om sri Shanaishwaraya Namaha”
(Om shri shan-ish-waraya nahm ah ha)


This mantra produces the quality of friendship within oneself including others. Its intention is to smooth your path in life by helping you understand the lessons you have set for yourself and through karma, the negativity will be surpassed.
Take the next week and slow yourself down until the 27th. It is advisable not to make any relationship decisions. After the 27th sign all the contracts you want, say what you want to say, and make sure you mean it because flip flopping what you mean will have a negative impact on what is to happen during the eclipse March 20, 2015.


Wishing you wonderful beginnings and spiritual endings, light the sky with your ideas, no matter how egocentric they are, because they will be appreciated.

Maharani Rutan ©




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