Super Spiritual moon: Full moon in Pisces September 2014


Super Moon

Full Moon in Pisces

September 09, 2014

By Maharani Rutan©The last of the super moon for this year will set the stage for emotional endings and new beginnings. On September 09, 2014, our sky will light up with a full moon in Pisces at 16 degrees, depending upon the orb, at approximately 9:38pm EST & 6:38pm PST. The closest we have come to this orb was on the 10th Anniversary of the World Trade Center attack.

Emotions were high and recalling the tributes to people who lost their lives in saving others; Pisces energy is just that, sacrifice at all cost for humanity and a flood of emotions. As it is stated in the Vedic Culture God was a Pisces and the Christianity symbol is a fish.


Violet and Amethyst is dedicated to Pisces and traditionally the September Full moon is often referred to as the Violet moon or Amethyst moon due to its hue. This is a perfect placement for beginning something new in the areas of spirituality and humanity. Therefore, bringing spiritual virtue is the theme of this full moon.

We all have Pisces somewhere in our chart and wherever the placement of Pisces is in yours will have an impact on how your energy will bring forth vibrancy or natural endings. Additionally, anyone who has the sun, moon, or placement of Pisces at 16 degrees will be affected more than others; including whose birthday is March 01 through March 08. To find your placement I would suggest you contact my recommended astrologer Leslie Hale.


The gravitational pull between the moon, earth, and the sun often causes pressure for us. It also causes our bodies to go out of sync and brings high tides in the oceans. This moon will greatly impact almost everyone. There is no doubt that this energy will bring more psychic abilities and we may be more prone, or sensitive, to our environment and with others. Everything will seem more translucent under the light the full moon. This may impact our egos; becoming much exaggerated and mostly having to do with our interpersonal relationships with others.

Our sleep will definitely be disturbed and often spiritual moons such as this cause our conscience mind to connect even more with the universal energies. Additionally, Venus changed its sign just a few days ago into Virgo leaving the fun loving Leo. When Venus enters Virgo it greatly impacts Virgo’s and it takes a serious turn from having everything fun to now being more serious. People you love will be at the forefront of your thoughts. Virgo is naturally reserved, caring, and a great listener. The problem will occur however when the relationship becomes a little inconsistent; there could be more concerns about appreciation. Be careful not to be too critical to your partner, especially those that have Virgo planets.


Critical may not be the word when Mars changes signs into Sagittarius a few days after this moon. Busyness will take center stage for Sagittarius’ as they can’t do one thing, they do a lot of things and they follow through to finish them. But debates, education, projects, and physical activity such as exercise and living in the truth will be the key for the next 90 days until Mars switches sign again.

Be careful as people tend to be a little clumsy during the full moon. Bleeding and hemorrhaging may become a problem; therefore if you are going for a surgical procedure during the full moon take extra time to care for yourself. Love, romance, poetry and compassion will be the sparks that bring illumination during the full moon, especially during the midnight hours.


The sun in Virgo and the moon in Pisces can be a very prosperous time to heal. When the physical world and spiritual world become one we are no longer fixated on finding imperfections but accepting of them as they come. Mantras, poonam Pooja, as well as prayers can have a major impact on healing and finding the answers on a higher plane.

In a full moon you may become highly detached, focused, and may be concerned about humanity and helping others. The Moon in Pisces ushers in a time of restraint and pragmatism. Emotional bonds comfort, healing, and assisting those less fortunate than you is the theme of this full moon. There are also tendencies to meditate in a quiet place and heal internal pain and sacrificing for the sake of humanity.


During this full moon be very careful of indulgence, obsession, greed and selfishness. As the moon in Pisces represent spirituality, intuition, excessiveness to materialism. Instead focus primarily on being thoughtful, creative, and compassionate.

Be thoughtful to everyone as every person will be going through a change. This change is an absolute necessity as we are almost 30 days away from the Lunar and Solar Eclipse where everyone’s world will change.


You may choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result are dependent upon the value of intention and when it comes to finding a satisfying relationships, spirituality, and success. Before practicing or becoming diligent to our spiritual journey it is vital that intentions are clear and the outcome is not selfish.

The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. The mantra for Pisces moon is:


Om Sri Gurave Namaha

(om Shri gur ava Nama Ha)

For those who are celebrating Poonam, make sure you do Satyanarayan Pooja and recite the above mantra changing the Namaha to Swaha.

Make sure you have crossed out the aspirations that have the slightest change and create 12 new ones. This is a very spiritual moon; aspirations regarding materialism must be voided and replaced with peace, unity, understanding, and compassion.
For Christian practitioners, I recommend to light a white candle on that day. Carve your name on the candle, anoint it with Frankincense oil, and chant Psalm 65 three times.


I am not an astrologer, rather a Vedic reader who incorporates the energy of both Vedic and Western astrology as a basis to Vedic ideology. Vedic readers investigate the difficulties to assist in altering adverse destiny and karma to bring positive pathways into self-concept as well as self-actualization so the journey can be as sublime as the path that it taken.

This full moon is going to affect almost everyone and it should be embraced as a change that is absolutely necessary. To recognize that something has to go, or leave, and our psyche will help us with this pathway.

fmpisces952014To find out where the moon placement of Pisces is in your chart I would recommend that you contact my preferred astrologer Leslie Hale and discuss the impact of this new moon. Additionally, request your planet placement for future readings so that you do not spend your resources unnecessarily.

May you have the most super/ full moon with the greatest empathic journey ever.





Plan, Prepare & Project: New moon in Virgo 2014


New Moon in Virgo

August 25, 2014

By Maharani Rutan©

The Virgo new moon on August 25, 2014 will certainly give the energy to people to finish their old projects and get back to work and school. This beautiful energy will void across the sky with a new moon at approximately 10:12am EST & 7:12 am PST at 2 degrees, depending upon the orb.

The new energy of Virgo will greatly impact all early born Virgo’s (born August 23-August 25) but it will also impact all Virgo’s depending upon the astrological constellation in an individual’s life. The last time the new moon was this close to the degree it is now was on August 28, 2011 (read about it here).


As Virgo is a natural mutable sign, this new moon will also impact all mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius and Virgo’s). Virgo is one of the most hardworking characteristics in the astrological world. Therefore, most Virgos and mutable signs are happy to receive this energy.

During the new moon energy and goals are synchronized by helping with the stability needed to understand and implement our desires, wishes on a physical plane, and the subconscious and conscious mind. The energy will assist in every possible way to make the adjustments needed to fulfill our physical and psychological desires.


A new moon brings forth the energy to inhale and exhale bringing our mind to peace and tranquility. The new moon often brings calmness and a true purpose to your goals. It is your opportunity to take the time to envision what outcomes you are looking for and how you will go about accomplishing them through spiritual afterthought.

The new moon is considered new energy to look at new ideas and new ways of thinking. It is time to start new projects, new work, and re-organize your life during this energy. The new moon is not about things coming together but to plan new ideas which bring a different result or a new outlook.


There are predispositions to think rationally while always improving and filtering answers. The need is to try for transparency and practicality while working hard to achieve what is needed for a higher calling. The moon in Virgo brings the energy needed to create a sublime calling and to be available whenever anyone needs help. As Virgo is a symbol of the Virgin, motherly figures will play a very important role in many people’s lives to bring forth goodness, morality, hard work, and practicality.

The Moon in Virgo brings a time of wisdom, study, and efficiency. People may feel more dynamic and detail-oriented. As a result, this is a good time to complete unfinished projects, mainly smaller scale projects, which require planning and attention to detail. Due to Virgo’s association with vigor, nourishment and health there may be health issues that need to be tended to. Also, people may be reclusive as they are captivated in discussion and academic pursuits. Because serious views are highlighted, caution needs to be taken to avoid being hypercritical.


When the beautiful Venus (in Leo) says hello to beautiful Jupiter (in Leo) creativity, self-expression, and lady luck is no problem for those who have planets in Leo. Leo is a sign of generosity, family, recognition, and adoration. We may want to be pampered, taken care of, and admired. But there are many chances to be melodramatic and temperamental when we are not recognized for our work.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, as is Gemini. While the Moon is in Virgo, it also a good time to go to school or learn a new skill, though we may do it to be creative, this time it is about knowing your facts. Tedious projects are well within Virgos traits. Virgo rules the insides and power of absorption. Many people may feel the urge to clean up their homes, organize, and de-clutter at this time; that is a good way to channel Virgo energy.


Since the moon in Virgo is Concrete, Hardworking, Pure, Thorough, and Accommodating, it is my suggestion that you purchase a Green candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with Inspiration oil or Eucalyptus oil and chant the Psalm 5.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle September 09, 2014.


Remember that with all presentations of psalms and mantras attaining the anticipated result is dependent upon the value of purpose. When it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your objective should be.

The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. The mantra for Virgo moon is:



Om Eim Saraswatiyei Swaha”

(Om I’M Sah-Rah-Swah-Tee-Yei Swah- Ha)

This mantra invokes energy for making any project productive and victorious.


With every moon cycle, remember to cross out the old affirmation, even if there is the slightest change, and create new ones. The perfect number for aspiration is 10. This means to list 10 aspirations and recite them every night until the next moon cycle. Remember never to make the affirmations begin with “I will”, they must be worded “I will be guided.”

Please note, I am not an astrologer, rather I am a Vedic reader. In Vedic readings Astrology is a momentous phase to embark on an advanced spiritual ground which allows responses and corridors of new direction. The beliefs are focused on what it is in the present day and how it can change in the future; bringing the truth of predicaments and forks up ahead. It is my recommendation that you speak to Leslie Hale Or Xtrology  prior phoning me and have her generate a chart for your later use and assist you with the latest trends that will either strengthen your life or bring needed closures. I will then guide you into a direction on how to apply changes in your life to make those trends as easy as possible.


Every moon cycle represents a change; it not only affects our external forces but our internal forces as well. Remember, every psychic bases their telephone readings on your energy. So remember to ask guidance from the higher power before having a reading so that you can be neutral with your energy.

This energy is excellent for mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces) as well as Earth signs (Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo) to begin projects and academic endeavors; polish your skills and get back working towards your goals.