Capture your hunger! Success, power and desire: New moon in Aries 2014


New moon in Aries


March 30, 2014

By Maharani Rutan©

As we enter into the spring season, the birds are now chirping in our windows and the spring air is becoming a little more bearable.  For the first time in a long time we will have two new moons in a month preparing us for some major changes in April.

On March 30, 2014, the void will set the sky with new moon in Aries at 10 degrees, give or take the alignment of the orb.  The closest we can truly feel how this will be is to look back to the first week of April 2011.  The void will hit its center stage at 2:45 pm EST and 11:45 PST.

Perhaps for Cardinal signs this is just quiet before the storm, but the intensity highly depends on the attitude of change.  Often, it is difficult for Cardinal signs to accept change. Not that they are not able to make a change or adjust to it; rather, it is because they often like things serene and consistent.  Though many articles are written about this Grand Cross, I will address these issues as it gets closer.  However, December 27, 2013 and January 12, 2014 was just a nudge of what we will feel. The impact will surely change who we are (Aries) with people in our lives (Libra), where we live (Cancer), and how or where we work (Capricorn).  The Grand cross breaks the patterns of our lives and looks at what is in the highest good for everyone. But for now relax and enjoy the quiet time for the next 3 weeks.


The new moon in Aries gives the atmosphere a quick boost, and often a very powerful energy, to bring changes and risks which we would have never considered in the past.

The new moon blesses an open heart to create something innovative at a slow and steady pace.  As the moon becomes brighter in the sky, the force also allows us to look at ourselves with magnifying glasses to examine who we are.  The moon also acts transitionally between our physical and psychological worlds.

The new moon in Aries gives us the energy to break the shackles of imprisonment from anything that has caused us to feel confined. The sparkle of this moon will give much time to regenerate, reorganize, regroup, and reassess. The moon will energize our will power to get rid of clutter in our home, body, mind and soul. When we rid ourselves of things that are wasting space, and we clean ourselves, we get ready to be born again.  Now is the time to get rid of the old and bring in the new. For many it can be a lovely healing energy to repair what is torn and let go of past wounds.



Emotions are right on the outside and instantly expressed. There is a predisposition to take charge in sensitive situations, leading the way to resolving difficult problems. The psychic antennas are fired up, especially when it comes to emotional matters.  There is a need to nurture others to help them free themselves of destruction.  A greater independence will arise by re-connecting with a motherly figure, or older feminine figure, to discover the energy and steps needed to free ones self of self-scrutiny as well as paths of destruction.  This is especially intense when Saturn is retrograding in Scorpio; which could cause a relationship to dynamically change over time. Read more about it here

The Moon in Aries marks a time of increased action and determination. People may feel more zealous and be more energetic. This is a good time to begin new projects or to make the changes you promised yourself. Like the charging Ram that represents Aries, people may be motivated to rush influentially and spontaneously ahead without considering the consequences to both themselves and others. Caution needs to be taken to avoid egoism and volatile behavior. The fiery Aries Moon brings passion to our emotions, instant reactions, and bravery in the face of any adversary! Give in to the energy…. strive for new beginnings.

There is also a need to change relationships, home, jobs or anything that has pushed/forced us down; plan but don’t put into action right now.  The lunar and solar eclipse will make sure you get what you need, not necessary what you want unless it is good for all.


Mars, ruler of men, authority, energy, and action, is still retrograding.  Perhaps this is a good thing as it allows us time to think before we act ensuring that our words don’t hurt others.  Mars retrograde allows us to start over with patience and consideration. This period began at the end of February and will continue to transit our orbit until the end of May.

The Aries moon is all about placing limitations in our lives. Keep things humble.  Noble and honest ideas will always work out well.  Aries brings courage yet with blind trust.  Think of this moon as a dreamed vision and the canvas is your world. Use your resourcefulness and began to paint the most beautiful painting you want. Be sure you know clearly what the picture looks like but don’t be self-centered. This new moon forces many to center around independence, character realization, and gives the gift of all the energy needed to begin a new cycle.

Since the moon in Aries represents Headstrong, Willful, Hot-Tempered, Brave, and Energetic, it is my suggestion for us to remain balanced.  This full moon is extraordinary to many signs. It is my suggestion that you purchase a white candle and carve your name through to the wick.  Anoint the candle with lavender oil, sandalwood, and chant the psalm 39. 


You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle which will be the lunar eclipse in Libra on April 14/15, 2014.

Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention.  When it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. The mantra for Aries moon is:

“Om Suryaya Namaha”

(Om sur-va-ya Na-ma-ha)

This mantra is the dispeller of Darkness and ignorance.

The intention of this mantra is to keep up in balance, not losing our temper through darkness and unfocused energy.


With every moon cycle, remember to cross out the old affirmations even if there is the slightest change and create new ones. The perfect number for aspirations is 10.  This means to list 10 aspirations and recite them every night until the next moon cycle.  Remember, never make the affirmations begin with “I can”, they must be worded “I can be anyone I want to be”

Affirmations for the energy of the New Moon in Aries:

–        I use my intolerance and anger usefully … to make constructive changes in my life.

–        I respect the power behind my desires and cravings …
and use this energy astutely.

–        I use my self-assertion to build, accomplish,
and care the circumstances I want in my life.

–        I offer valiant, positive guidance to myself
and others with my choices and actions.

–        With joy and appreciation, I launch my resourcefulness …
to begin the important foundations and projects of my life.

This new moon talks about the tugs of heart and soul bringing faith and healing, however it is also action-oriented.  It prompts standards in our lives to start something new – perhaps a new project, a new relationship, recapture an old one, or is it that you want your personal freedom now? It is about reinventing, rethinking, and allowing yourself to let the past go and be excited about what is yet to come. Take a look at what happened during the new moon in April 2011.



It is time to let go of the ways that were not working and release toxic relationships that no longer work by practicing tolerance and moving on. This new moon brings forth those issues and forces us to come to terms with harsh truths; ultimately releasing them because they are the things that continue to hold you back.

Many people have asked the question how often they should have a reading done by a psychic or a tarot reader.  In my opinion, an in depth reading should be done every moon cycle or when it affects an astrological aspect. This is why I recommend that you maintain a good astrologer and seek a counsel with a Vedic reader to help you pave the way through any difficulties by knowing about them before they arrive.

For those who seek my counsel periodically, I would suggest if you are a Cardinal sign, this will be the last of the transition readings before the 6 month eclipse changes.


When there are burning questions it may be necessary to have a reading done more than two times in a month; however, with the exclusivity of Vedic reading it is recommended 3.5 weeks between readings to allow the universe to work and heal a situation by remaining quiet and in an introversive mode. Vedic readings do not support co-dependent behaviors or things that are not in moderation.

When dealing with a tragic situation it is my suggestion to clear away negativity and fear from your emotions so that a reader can give you the clearest reading possible.  Remember that every psychic bases their telephone readings on your energy. So, remember to ask guidance from the higher power before having a reading so you can be neutral with your energy.  The clearest answers can be given when energy is at a neutral point rather than scattered.

Always remember that every reader has their boundaries as to how far in the future they want to read. This is their choice; however, reading beyond 6 months is a very hazy situation. Our free will plays an important role in our destiny and we are able to change anything.



Additionally, please note, I am not an astrologer, nor claim to be.  Vedic readings are unique in perspective and information. They are your road map to obstacles and understanding.  Astrology is a science which is written to calculate the inner workings of a specific star and how it impacts individual perception and action. Vedic readings are the pathways to a medicine that soothes the pain leading to self-realization.

Wishing you the best of this wonderful journey ahead. Make this new moon the best you have ever had, plant a seed and watch it grow with love and compassion.




Synchronicity: Full moon in Virgo March 2014


Full moon in Virgo

March 16, 2014

By Maharani Rutan©

On March 16, 2014, our skies will be filled with luminosity from the full moon in Virgo at approximately 26 degrees, depending upon the orb. This much energy has not been present in Virgo (in the house of work) since March of 2011 when it was placed at 28 degrees and many were influenced by its house focusing on work and business.  Those that will be affected will be later born Virgos, especially those who have the sun, moon or other influencing planets that amplify Virgo.

In just a few days, after the full moon, the Spring Equinox will bring many changes to people. It will bring the birds north, and blossoming of flowers while saying goodbye to the gloomy days of snow, rain, sleet and mudslides giving us some breathing space. The dreaded winter forced many of us to stay at home and spend some quality time with ourselves and our families – perhaps it was just the thing to help us relax before the storm.

According to the Farmers Almanac, the full moon in March can be signified as Full Worm Moon. This is because the air is filled with warmness unlike the dreadful winter and it’s also considered a Sap moon which brings opportunities to tap the maple tree for the richness of its flow.


In a few days, Mercury the communication prankster, will finally to go direct. However, Mars which brings us energy and passion, Saturn which is the God of important and hard lessons for Scorpios, and fixed signs will go backwards helping us to consider what is useful in our lives.  But the kicker will be the lunar eclipse in Libra and the solar eclipse in Taurus.

Nevertheless, the cardinal grand square will be the ultimate finale for cardinal signs (Cancers, Libra, Aries, and Capricorn).  This is so intense that it will bring about significant change.  This opposite will bring Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto all of which will surely break life as we had once known, changing with the times, and forcing us to realize that the old ways are not working by facing our demons.  I will discuss this as it gets closer.  But most of all, the revolution (i.e. change) focuses on negotiation (Mars), where do you want to go and how will you get there (Jupiter), being more objective (Uranus) and what’s broken that needs to be let go or fixed (Pluto).  There is no doubt that there will be changes – perhaps many changes.  However, instead of worrying about what is to happen, Vedic culture always says look upon what is here and now, bring grace, humility, and love, and everything will be alright.

The full moon is a period of finales and bringing new phases into our lives. This means to research and assess life to find where there can be a balance between our desires and outs. Gratitude of people in your life, as well as relationships, can be quite significant at this time. There is a great need to share, and merge ideas of a higher plane and bring to this world the inner nature and outer personality through abilities to give what can be given.


The influence of this Full Moon is going to be especially challenging for those who are born on the full moon, or mutable sign.  If your birthday falls 5 days before or after June 19, this will have a great impact on the natal sun having to juggle time between home and career. For those whose birth Moon is in Pisces, this Full Moon can sometimes represent a critical time for possible accidents, criticisms, irresponsibility, and the undertaking of unrealistic decisions or judgments

During this marvelous full moon accomplishing goals is our first priority. Strip yourself of all marginal roles, uncertainties, and unimportant pursuits. Dive into the ocean of light which infuses all existence.  Like a grain of sand that dissolves in the vast sea, release your individual ego into the infinite embrace of divine awareness. Breathe in light, breathe out light. Feel the cells of your body become incandescent and lucid with the all-pervading glow of God. Allow the heavy burdens of the past months to drop away.

According to Vedic philosophies, with the moon in Virgo there are tendencies of hesitancy or mis-perception, yet at the same time being very social and logical.  Since Virgo is ruled by mercury, there is a greater need for discourse rather than vision.  There is a need of setting strong values by being ornate and without bias. There may be a need to be scrupulous within the home just in time for spring cleaning. Through this moon perhaps there may even be some exhaustion from the number of projects that are taken on.  There also tendencies of feeling sick through the energies of the psyche.


The Moon in Virgo brings a time for finding shelter of practicality, exploration, and competence.  Everything must be procedural and grouped. Due to Virgo’s disposition there is a tendency towards wearisome and short-temperateness. However, if there is appreciation this all goes away. This is a good time to complete projects, particularly smaller scale projects, which require organization and attention to detail.

Due to Virgo’s association with well being, nourishment and fitness may be a concern during this time. Also, people may be withdrawn as they are absorbed in reflection and academic pursuits. Critical thinking is emphasized, and caution needs to be taken to avoid being too precarious or condemnatory.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, as is Gemini.  While the Moon is in Virgo, it also a good time for academic pursuits, but it is better for those requiring serious details rather than creative inventiveness.  This is a good time for taking care of any matter that requires meticulous attention.  People may become timid and retreating with Moon passing through Virgo and will tend to be discerning, hard to please, and even overly circular at times.



Though many determine that when the full moon falls on a later degree in a certain sign it is unpredictable, all it means is that things will come to a climax and could be very good with wonderful exposures. This moon is just a preparation of Cardinal Square, Lunar Eclipse, and Solar Eclipse getting us working and productive.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras, achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention. When it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be.

The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. The mantra for Virgo moon is:

“Om Eim Saraswatiyei Swaha”


(Om I’M Sah-Rah-Swah-Tee-Yei Swah- Ha)


This mantra invokes energy for making any projects productive and successful.

The intention of this mantra is to keep us in balance from loosing our anger through darkness and unfocused energy.

Also remember Mercury Retrograde ghost period is here and therefore to bring serenity in communication the mantra that should be recited until March 22, 2014 is

 Om Buddha Ya Namaha


(om Bud Daha Ya Na Ma Ha)


This mantra brings peace and tranquility when things become erratic in communication and travel.

Please note that I am not an astrologer nor do I claim to be. However, celestial transformation is the ground work for Vedic readers.  In addition to Vedic reading, I would recommend that you speak to my recommended Astrologers. Their link can be found here.   Each astrologer has a unique delivery and I would suggest you visit their site and see what you discover.  You will be amazed at their skill and abilities of understanding the transformational transits in your chart.

I wish you the most peaceful journey through this full moon and know I am always a phone call away.