Sentimental New Moon: Cancer July 2012

New Moon in Cancer


July 19, 2012

By Maharani Rutan


On July 19, 2012 at approximately 9:48p EST and 6:48pm PDT the sky will void the moon in Cancer at 19 degrees.  Those affected by this moon are those that have a Cardinal sign (Cancer, Aries, Capricorn or Libra) in their personal chart at the 19 degrees.

However, this is not an easy moon with Mercury beginning to retrograde in Leo (read about it here) on July 17, 2012 .This retrograde focuses on family or close relationship issues.  Included in this, Mars, Venus and Uranus transits confuse situations even further (read more about this in a blog by Leslie Hale here).

The few days prior to the New Moon, known as the “dark moon”, vitalities are at their nethermost ebb, in groundwork for the new cycle to begin. Each New Moon signifies the opportunity to begin a new cycle in one’s life. Depending on the elemental quality of the sign in which the New Moon falls, energies on variable levels are heightened, be they sincere, worldly, emotional or sensitive.  The modality of the sign determines whether the emphasis is on consecutiveness, power or adaptability.


This New Moon in Cancer speaks of bereavement as ease and reservation have been sabotaged by a world at war. Devoutness, protection and safeguards in our food and water systems will be in highlighted in the media. A desire to live a more simple existence and be black and white in economic decisions is seen. Romance makes a dramatic comeback!

The moon in Cancer brings reassurance, emotions, compassion, thoughts and maudlin issues in our lives. The Watery Cancer Moon brings up memories of childhood, warm motherly arms and tender touches for loved ones. Our hearts swirl in a sea of ancient imagery…. watch out for crabbiness! You may be become irritable, sensitive, and need to hide in your shell sometimes. You may be a strong protector of family and tradition. Although temperament may become changeable, people will readily look for nurturing and care from a wise and older person. Care needs to be taken to avoid hurting the feelings of others as well as having your own feelings hurt.

When the Moon is in Cancer, it is a time of apprehensive passions and great sensitivity with people responding to life through emotions rather than reason. During this very venerable period be cautious not to psychologically wound others or allow you’re self to be offended.  Generally, people will be unreceptive yet easy-going, sentimental, affectionate and encouraging.  Unfortunately, this motherly expression of caring is often expressed with food and it is easy to overeat. Cancer is a nurturing sign and the most fertile sign of the zodiac.  With the moon in Cancer, it is a good time for creating life and for growth.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is depended upon the quality of intention, and when it comes to finding a satisfying relationships and success, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but it is a powerful source of energy the mantra for solar eclipse is:

Cancerian moon is:

“Om Chandraya Namah”

(Om chahn drah yah nahm – ah- ha)

Om, and salutation to Chandra president spirit of the moon.

Remember the 12 aspirations.  Don’t forget to cross the ones you have already accomplished and make new ones. Don’t forget to manifest matters concerning materialistic things at this time.  And most of all don’t forget to light a white candle that day carve your name on the candle anoint the candle with Frankincense oil and chant Psalm 65 three times.  If you should have any other questions regarding the new moon or solar eclipse, please feel free to contact me.


Please remember I am not an astrologer, and often Vedic readers use symmetry of Astrology as the ground work for simpler guidance.  Vedic readers do not tell anyone what to do rather show the path way of choices and understanding of the situation so that the same situation is not visualized with dark or rosy glasses but rather clear prospective of understanding and free will.

Vedic reading allows free will choices and to have ability to make choices which are not selfish in nature rather spiritual.  If you are looking for an Astrological reading I highly recommend Leslie Hale, who can also provide you with choices or predictability and together there is a synchronicity of blissful choices and decisions.

May this moon bring you the most beautiful beginnings and healing