Trickster is back: Mercury Retrograde March-April 2012

Mercury Retrograde

Ghost Period March 1, to March 12, 2012

Intensity Period March 12 to April 04, 2012

Motion Forward April 04, to April 23, 2012

By Maharani Rutan

On March 01, 2012 beings a ghost period of mercury turns retrograde again, sending communications, missed appointments, mail and the www into a general snarlup!

This awkward period lasts for at least 6 weeks including the ghost period which is approximately two weeks before and after the actual period.  The most intense period of time will be from 3:49am EST March 12, 2012 to April 04, 2012 at 6:11am.  It finally straightens out on April 23, 2012, bringing things back to normal.

Mercury turns retrograde three times a year, as a rule, but the effects of each period is different depending upon which signs it falls on. This retrograde period begins in Aries at 9 degrees plus or minus a few degrees and ends in Pisces 23 degrees.

The fire and water combination can cause some major disturbance in relationships, work and the way we communicate with one another. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini a planet of communication however, being that Gemini is mutable sign.  Mercury usually affects all that are mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius) even if Mercury retrograde does not fall in mutable sign these people are most defiantly will feel the gilt of this slow period.

When mercury begins its ghost period or I might add the engine begins and the coal is placed in compartments of the train which has destination Pisces it has to pass through two phases it begins in Pisces crosses through Aries and comes right back to Pisces.

Mercury retrograde in Pisces creates psychological and emotional perplexity, with bizarre dreams sometimes psychic experiences.  Mental process being intertwined with emotions, we find it hard to separate thoughts and opinions from zeal and optimism.  Our rational direction can be unsteady, idealistic and overly-spiritual but it also inclines to lethargy and increases the urge to consume alcohol. Anxiety and stress even unfounded fears and mistrust are stimulated especially from working or living in hostile environment inclines to a sharp, sarcastic tongue.  Maintain solitude and poise in the working environment and do not try to read between the lines, when there is really nothing to find.

Mercury retrograde gives rise to personal misunderstandings; inconsistent, disrupted, or delayed communications, negotiations and   trade; glitches and breakdowns with phones, computers, cars, buses, and trains. And all of these problems usually arise because some crucial piece of information, or component, has gone astray, or awry.

For example Pisces is positioned in my 10th house and means this area will be especially intense to changes and introspection.  The 10th house usually represents my career and family.  Through mercury retrograde I can expect misunderstandings, confusion, documents lost, and communication issues perhaps even technological interferences. Compared to a very close friend of mine who has Pisces in his 9th house which means issues with lawyers, law or mandates etc, to summarize he may have issues with miscommunication or other issues revolving the law or institutions where he may feel extreme frustrations.  To find out how mercury will affect you, I suggest you contact my recommended astrologers Leslie Hale or Lee Stillwaters.

When Mercury moves full force in Aries it will be the opposite and more intense than anything that has ever felt. Aries is a fire sign and it is known for its recklessness which means that during retrograde period be cautious of communications.  Words may not come out right and what you thought that was said is not what was meant. These words will cut people like a knife and hurt people we don’t mean to hurt.  In the case of Mercury in Aries this will once again affect my work which means I could be just a little too forward and might end up saying things that are hurtful that does not mean its not true it just means it is the approach to communication which needs to be cautioned. This period will begin to phase out around the 4th of April 2012.  And slowly mercury will begin to station forwards until it reaches the destination where it was on the 23rd of April 2012.

A planet is described as retrograde appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. This traditional concept arises in the illusory planetary motion created by the orbital rotation of the earth, with relation to other planets in our solar system. Planets are never actually retrograde or stationary, they just seem that way, due to this ocular chimera.  Retrograde periods, although often difficult for humans, are not particularly uncommon. Each planet retrogrades, except the Sun and Moon. Mercury, much like the winged courier of the Gods, comes in on feather-light wings and orders us to speak.

Communication, mind and awareness are all within Mercury’s domain, as are judgment and reasoning, our manner of thinking, and how we create and express our thought processes. A mercurial nature brings to mind restlessness and motion. Rat-a-tat-tat — things happen fast here. Mercury is about a quick wit, quick thinking, possibilities, opinions, reasoning and the ability to rationalize things. Mercurial energy can be superior or dreadful, but it will certainly be stimulating! This Planet also prompts us to move from one thing to the next and to get answers on both a material and emotional level.

Further, Mercury’s energy is both dexterous and perceptive. Mercury is about short trips: a visit to a neighbor or a friend across town, the workaday commute, and a weekend getaway. Siblings and transportation in general, are also within Mercury’s realm. Verbal communication, writing, books, online communications and learning are all within Mercury’s domain. This Planet implores us to express ourselves often — and well.

When Mercury goes retrograde (the appearance of traveling backward), its not and only thing that it will be effecting is how we communicate and how we react however, our communications will be challenged. Because Mercury rules communication and transportation, these two areas are most influenced during a Mercury Retrograde. Conversations might be trickier, as crossed signals and unclear meanings perplex normally straightforward discussions. Still, with a little vigilance and contemplation, you’ll get your point across. Similarly, be prepared with a back-up plan when you’re traveling. If you plans get cancelled go to the nearest cafe and cool your senses. Who knows — you might not have met that charming new person in the cafe or that street you walk on when you are confused. Remember, we can use this powerful energy in positive ways. Use this time to do activities that start with “re”: restore, revamp, evaluate, renegotiate, and explore…

In general, Mercury rules thinking and awareness, dispensation and disseminating information and all means of communication, commerce and transportation. By extension, Mercury rules people who work in these areas, especially people who work with their minds or their wits: writers and orators, commentators and critics, gossips and spin doctors, tricksters and thieves.

Mercury sets out to reorganize our thinking processes and for many of us this is painful and frustrating. Moreover, these experiences disclose flaws in our internal organization as well as our external planning, which can make us feel imprudent and insufficient.  All areas of communication are affected. Methods and stimulus for knowledge, communication and transportation are subject to difficulties under this aspect. It brings travel snafus and missed appointments of all kinds. Documents can go astray. Be sure to carry a journal and refer to it often. The good things to do when Mercury is Retrograde: meditate, contemplate, edit the book/poem/song/essay you’ve been writing, clean house, talk to your pet, listen to music, paint, and catch up on sleep!

Since, mercury is a very slow moving planet and it effect almost all planetary signs .It is my suggestion that you purchase a yellow candle and carve your name through the wick.  Anoint the candle with Inspiration oil or Eucalyptus oil and chant the psalm 70 every single night.  This period will last for 6 weeks and it will be hard on all of us.  This will allow friendly communications as well as understandings in situations. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until April 23, 2012.  Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is depended upon the quality of intention, and when it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but it is a powerful source of energy I have chosen two mantras for you during this mercury retrograde:

“Om Budhaya Namaha”

(Om Bood-han-yah Nahm-ah-ha)

“Om and salutations to Buddha, presiding spirit of planet mercury”

Please remember these are general tendencies I am not an astrologer, rather utilities of astrology is the symphony of Vedic readings.

It is my suggestion that during this period- if you feel being pulled and being nostalgic to your past remember this is a phase and it too will pass.  It is my suggestion you speak to my recommended astrologers found here.  Then talk with me to see how these forks can be a window of opportunity of change rather than restlessness.




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