Sweet Starts: New Moon in Libra Sept 2011

Harmonious Beginnings

New Moon in Libra

September 27, 2011

By Maharani Rutan©

On September 27, 2011, the skies will void the moon with a harmonious New moon in Libra at approximately06:09 am EST and3:09 am PST.  This transit will void the skies at 04 degrees in Libra orbiting approximately 6 to 7 degrees.  This means all early born Libra’s September 24 through October 1, 2011, will feel the effects of newness.

However, this moon is so strong that those that have any Libra in their charts will also feel the jolt of newness. Even the early born Aries will also be highlighted including all those who have sun and moon or even ascendant in Libra; including all Cardinal signs in the first five days of their astrological sign.

This is a sign of relief and the new moon will bring added newness to the tension melting away from mercury retrograde as well as the full moon that may have brought forth some emotions which some of us may not have wanted to bring out.  As well as the planetary influences which are triggered issues of relationships, work and home.

To recognize how this moon will influence charts your chart, then one must be able to understand how the houses affect the moon or visa versa.  For example if you sun is in Libra at 0 degrees then it is all about how you see your self or if you moon is in Libra this could mean how your ego sees yours surroundings.  To able to completely understand this transits and in knowing that nothing is an absolute, I would highly suggest you contact my recommended astrologers Leslie Hale or Rex  and their direct links are here 

The New Moon is always about individual cycles.  It’s also about accepting what has happened on the Full Moon or what we discovered right afterwards that forces us to make changes.  The new moon forces us rather gives us the energy we need to set goals towards the things we want the most and it is all about what we want. One of the biggest responsibilities is to appreciate relationships and this is what this new moon is about.

Moon focuses on new early stages in every sector in ones life that need or rather wants to transform.  Though we are prone to act out of whim this new moon forces us to act out of our fortitude and have faith that things will go as intended and if not its ok, you at least tried.  The new moon gives all the blessings needed to take chances to live.  Breathe and feel the air fill the lungs and the spirit be filled with goodness.


Energy forces us to think about planting those seeds which you have held off for so long and looking at prospects that allow the hold the type of people, places and things you want as long as it is not neurotic. Hence planting seeds to your garden or changing the way the physical appearance to even a hint of an attitude or behavior that is no longer beneficial.  There is a bit of warning here don’t plants seeds due to urges or passion it may be more than one is able to handle.  Do it out of the kindness without any expectations and squeeze what ever that is brought to you.

A new moon in Libra has a passionate touch as well as social.  To be able to exchange ideas and openness to other peoples allows the adaptation to other prospective. The new moon in Libra is relaxing and entertaining.  But it also craves consideration and mutual love.  There is a strong indication that during the Libra moon some sort of an inspiration may come forth on the table to bring some balance where they were conflicts.

Libra moon encourages us to find peace within our selves so that we can negotiate, mediate, and repair the balance needed with families and friends.  It is also a time to bring flowers into your home and beatify the home, decorate and cleanse to welcome friends.  It may even force people to learn to see art, write, change fashions and indulge in things we can not afford.


Added to this harmonious moon Libra moon also encourages justice and allow us to bring new people into our lives, even if it is to bring someone new or to filter out divergence so that matters are more balanced. The scales of Libra are very unusual it is the only sign that does not have a living thing attached to it but it is a sign of scales.  This means that it we are prone to be very objective, where the head may rule over the heart-it’s an insentive to explore your own self before you can make a decision in any areas of relationships.  This is the time to give good intentions towards any conflicts.

The New moon in Libra which is the first New moon after the Autumn Equinox forces us to look very deeply in our selves to see what has not worked and what has and to reap what you have done or said.  Try not to compromise for the sake of peace if it is not what you really want.  True compromises are made with honor, respect, integrity, understanding and trust and every aspect of this must be taken into consideration before you make up your mind.

The Libra moon give you the opportunity to listen and to be heard it gives great clarity and allows us the courage to get rid of habits and expectations that have killed our soul and heart.  The experience that comes with this new moon gives you the available energy you need to take your time while the positive energy is on us.  You may find your relationships will take a new dynamic and brig forth great perception fueled with life of inspiration, openness, merit and consciousness.  If you change your thought patters and your expectations you will change your self.


A moon in Libra, you may need a melodious relationship with an affectionate partner to feel at tranquility psychologically. You may be constantly evaluating your emotions, in quest for just the right equilibrium with others. You have a sparkle for beauty and art, and can express these in a meaningful way. You nurture others by treating them fairly and seeing their beautiful qualities. You may expect your mother to be a model of exquisiteness, gentleness, appeal and equality.

Libra Moon values harmonious relationships. It behaves so as to make sure that he/or she is loved and the love is kept. It’s a need to please the people you feel close to, and so want to be nurtured with kindness, a charming manner, and with music and beautiful things. Libra Moon needs close friendship, partnership or marriage to feel nurtured and safe.  You may have need for peace, harmony and pleasant surroundings. In emotional situations, the Libra Moon tends to act very rationally and strives to make fair decisions.  Hating a fight, she may even finesse her way out of altercation.

People will have strong compassion to and magnetism for others.  This comes from the Libran hunt for synchronization and stability, for the Libra life emphasize teamwork.  It’s a good time to form partnership of all natures—friendships, marriages, and business.

The planet Venus that manifests the surroundings as a friendly, liberal nature and a desire to redecorate many things rules Libra. It is an excellent time for artistic work as the beauty of Venus is a combine with academic ease of an air sign. Altogether it’s a lovely time for social gathering, when the consciousness of self as expressed in the first six signs of the zodiac, becomes united with the awareness of needs and desires of others.

Since, moon in Libra represents Charming, Attractive, and Luxurious, Fair-Minded, Loving it is my suggestion for us to remain balanced. This New moon is extraordinary to many signs. It is my suggestion that you purchase a yellow candle and carve your name one through the wick.  Anoint the candle with lavender oil or peppermint and chant the psalm 26.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is depended upon the quality of intention, and when it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but it is a powerful source of energy the mantra for Libra moon is:

 Om Shukrya Namaha

(Om Shoo-krah-yah Nahm-ah-ah)

This mantra produces the quality of friendship within oneself including others.

The intention of this mantra is smooth your path in life by helping you appreciate the lessons you have set for your self and through it karma the negativity will surpass With every moon cycle, remember to cross out the old affirmation even if there is a slightest change and create new ones. The perfect number for aspiration is 10.  This means to list 10 aspirations and recite them every night until the next moon cycle.  Remember never make the affirmations beginning with “I balance”, it must be worded “I call for balance in my life with companionship and love.”

Please note I am not an astrologer nor do I claim to be however the utilities of the planets play a great emphasis on Vedic Sanskrit Readings.  In the Hindu philosophies it states that we are mortal beings and we will always react to our environments through ego driven actions until we can surpass the ego and become one with the universal energies and learn to adapt and improvise what is in front of us with complete embrace.  To find out how the effects of the new moon will encourage the your impulses I would suggest that you choose from the list of recommended astrologers here.. 

Each astrologers has a unique capability and understanding of the effects of actions and reactions, however, if you are looking to find out how to best deal with the actions feel free to contact me here for your personalized reading.

 I wish you the best of the new moon and bring into your life the love and affection which you desire.




Amethyst Moon: September 2011

Amethyst Moon

Full Moon in Pisces

September 12, 2011

By Maharani Rutan©

Abstracts from Leslie Hale

The day after the 10th anniversary of bombing of theWorldTradeCenter inNew York we now have a clear vision to notice how vulnerable we really are. Some of us may still be recovering from reliving the emotional past and others honoring.  Nevertheless, the cosmos will embark humanity with a full moon in Pisces. September 12, 2011, at approximately4:27am and1:27 am PST the watery moon will enter Pisces at 19 degrees in Pisces. This transit is within 6 to 7 degrees of the planetary orb.

The entire month of September was contributed to the Native Americans, who believed that September is the most auspicious day to harvest corn therefore, the first moon in September was name the Harvest moon or the Corn moon.  Hence the first moon in September is not always called a Harvest moon since the Harvest moon is named after the moon that is closest to Autumn Equinox which isSeptember 23 2011. This cultivated the September moon to be called the Violet Moon or Amethyst moon due to the color of its hue when it was full.

“Mercury trines Pluto on September 12, bringing focus and serious thinking to our life.  A great transit for research or to delve into any topic you have interest in. This starts a period of about 4 days involving a grand trine between Pluto, Jupiter and Mercury. A Grand trine is an astrological configuration involving a 120 degree angle between three planets that is generally known to bring ease and harmony. You may receive a wealth of information at this time.” Leslie Hale

In charts of astrology- Pisces is in everyone’s charts. Therefore every person will be affected especially those that have primary Pisces in their charts.  Additionally, those that have the Sun in Pisces or born around March 07 through March 15 will definitely be affected by this moon including anyone that has Pisces in their chart which means everyone. To find out how personal this full moon is, I would recommend that you speak to my recommended astrologer Leslie Hale or Rex to get the latest transits on how this full moon would affect you.

When the Moon is full, the gravitational pull between the Moon on one side of the earth and the Sun on the other has a great affect on our own bodily water levels, as well as the earth’s.  Many will not feel or notice the effects of the watery moon and it will depend highly upon how powerful the moon is in an Astrological chart.  There is no doubt that this energy creates an inner pull, fullness – and may help us to connect psychically with others. Everything becomes clearer and more powerful under the light of the Full Moon – emotions and egos can become quite extravagant, the awareness may have more do with a focus on relationships more so than any other aspects.

The full moon may energize luminous dreams and care is needed for bleeding and hemorrhaging during the full moon. This is the time to Harvest, Pray and be Thankful, and to work on fertility and prosperity.  Love and Romance go wild under a Full Moon, especially around midnight.

This full moon is especially transforming with a grand trine of Pluto, Mercury and Jupiter which reflects births and rebirths it is promised to bring truths in the internal and external world, the spiritual journey is inevitable Often this energy can lead us to a dreamy vision of reality which will trigger compassion and love for many.  The only problem with this influence is that there is no room for limitations and becoming a psychic and emotional sponge can be a negative impact.  This may lead to doing things without thinking things through. This energy is not to be used as doormat rather it should be used to recharge.  Solitude is important to create a leap of faith.

“On September 12, the planet of communication is within four degrees of also trining Jupiter the planet of wealth and expansion, so this is a positive time to move forward on new ventures, ideas, travel and expansion of any kind that moves your life in a new and positive direction. Grand trines like this occur infrequently, so it is up to us to take advantage of them when they do occur, and move our life along in the direction we want it to go. Grand trines can bring an element of luck to the table as well. The time to move forward with confidence is over the next few days. Mercury trines Jupiter exact on September 15. At this time we can hear some positive news, make plans for travel and expect life to ease up with an emphasis on more positive situations.” Leslie Hale

Having the sun in Virgo and the moon in Pisces it can be a propitious time to heal and restore since Virgo focuses around the physical world and Pisces focuses on the spiritual world- it is about the body and the mind. It is time to accept imperfection of the self and others around you.  It is time to pray.  Be with the earth.  And understand how powerful mantras and prayers can be. This can be a very cleansing moon.


In a full moon you may become highly objective, clear minded and aware of your own needs and the needs of others. In Native Lore, this Full Moon was known as the MOON OF RIPENING BERRIES. As ripe berries were gathered and used for paints, dyes and as a source of Vitamin C. Health and inspiration are emphasized and there is a sense of well being and excitement to this lunation.

The Moon in Pisces ushers in a time of caution and practicality. You merge easily with others emotionally. You have a great capacity to comfort and heal. You are able to give all of yourself for the sake of those around you. You may become confused about your own feelings – and need to spend time alone to meditate and heal. You nurture others by making sacrifices to fulfill their needs, or by helping them to find spirituality and transcendence. You look to your mother for spirituality and compassion.

Care needs to be taken to avoid self-indulgence and excessive concern or desire for material possessions. Since, moon in Pisces represents Sensitive, Imaginative, Psychic, Empathetic, and Creativity in everyone.  We must use the practical senses.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is depended upon the quality of intention, and when it comes to finding a satisfying relationships and success, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but it is a powerful source of energy the mantra for Pisces moon is:

“OmSri Gurave Namaha”

(om Shri gur ava Nama Ha)

Remember the 12 aspirations.  Don’t forget to cross the ones you have already accomplished and make new ones. Don’t forget to manifest matters concerning materialistic things at this time.  And most of all don’t forget to light a white candle that day carve your name on the candle anoint the candle with Frankincense oil and chant Psalm 65 three times.

I am not an astrologer rather a Vedic reader who encompasses the energy of both Vedic and Western astrology as a basis to Vedic ideology.  Vedic reader embraces the obstacles to assist in changing negative destiny and karma to bring into many positive pathways into self concept as well as self actualization so that journey can be as sublime as the path that it taken.

This full moon is going to affect almost everyone and it should embraced as a change that is an absolute necessity to recognize that something as go leave and our psyche will help us with this pathway.

May you have the most luminous full moon with the greatest empathic journey ever.



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