New Moon in Leo: Embrace new beginnings in love and family


July 30, 2011

By Maharani Rutan

July 30, 2011, is a sign of relief for many but could have more intensity for others.  At approximately10:40 am PSTand1:40pm ESTtime the new moon will enter Leo at 7 degrees (based upon a 6 degree orb).

During this please remember that Mercury is about to retrograde in Leo on August 01, 2011 and will continue his path reverse until August 27, 2011 and will not start to motion forwards until the 28th, and its motion will not stabilize completely until September 11, 2011 Read more about it here.

The New Moon is indicator new life, new prospective and new beginnings. There is an urge to take action and begin something innovative, be it a small change in the way life is lived or a new beginning which has been procrastinated. You approach your daily routine or a whole new path on your journey through life. The energy is right for making spontaneous moves and following your instincts. This is the time to act from your heart and trust the process – take a risk, live in the moment, dance to your own drummer.

The New Moon blesses new beginnings, and invites you to take a chance! What do you want to create in your life? What vision do you wish to manifest? Your emotional reactions are calm and steady, and you shy away from confrontation. However, if you feel very strongly about something, you will stubbornly defend your position – never backing down. You need a serene environment. You have a melodious voice and musical talent. You nurture others by providing for their needs. You need a relationship with your mother that is peaceful, calm and secure.

The Moon in Leo marks a time of ambition and magnetism. Ruled by the Sun, Leo creates an influence of warmth, enthusiasm, and enjoyment. People may feel creative, dignified, and generous. It is a good time to pursue romance, be social, and to help others. Like the Lion that symbolizes Leo, people may feel self-assured but also crave appreciation and recognition. Care needs to be taken to avoid overdramatic displays to grab the spotlight or leadership positions.

Moon in Leo you may have an emotional need to shine and be praised by others. You may express your feelings in a childlike manner – either playfully or dramatically. You have a natural affinity with children. You have a knack for organizing and leading. You nurture others by giving praise and encouraging them to be strong, bold and fearless. You view your mother as a regal, dramatic or prestigious person, and look for independence, warmth and strength in that relationship.

The Leo energy can sometimes cause us to be more intolerant, stubborn, proud, angry, pompous, egotistical, condescending.  It’s harder (but not impossible) to make changes or be flexible, Since the Moon is the closest ‘Planet’ to Earth, and this satellite literally zips around the Zodiac, completing its circuit in less than a month. It also touches us more deeply than most Planets.

Since, moon in Leo is Playful, Bold, Dramatic, Managerial, and Organized AND MOODY. It is my suggestion that you purchase a Green candle and carve your name one through the wick.  Anoint the candle with lemon oil or Lavender oil and chant the psalm 65.  You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is depended upon the quality of intention, and when it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but it is a powerful source of energy the mantra for Leo moon is:

“Om Sri suryaya namaha”

(Om Shree sur-ya-ya nam-aha)

 This mantra will aid greatly in the peaceful and harmonious transition to a new and positive energy states.

With every moon cycle, remember to cross out the old affirmation even if there is a slightest change and create new ones. The perfect number for aspiration is 10.  This means to list 10 aspirations and recite them every night until the next moon cycle.  Remember never make the affirmations beginning with “I want”, it must be worded “I need to be guided.”

Wishing you a new prospective beginnings during this moon in Leo.