Thunder Moon: Full Moon in Capricorn July 14/15 2011

Thunder Moon/Buck Moon

Full Moon in Capricorn

July 14/15, 2011

By Maharani Rutan©

On July 15, 2011, the moon will be at the brightest brining it to full brilliance.  The full moon will enter earthy Capricorn in the early morning hours EST, at approximately 1:40am and could keep you awake on the Pacific time zone on July 14, 2011, at 10:40pm.

In the early historic days the only way to track seasons were by the phases of the moon, each month signified the time to harvest or retreat.  To the Native Americans Moons represented the heavens and that is where some call it where the Gods live.  The full moon in July represents and many natives call “Thunder Moon”, since July is a time when most rains and thunderstorms appear allowing mother nature to give her wrath to people who mis-treat her, at the same time being so forgiving that she would provide healing and nurturing to drought and feeding her play ground through surges of water. At the same time it is also referred to as the “Buck moon” when Deers will grow their antlers.

The Earthy Full Moon brings a time of radiance and blossoming. It is a period of personal achievement, but also a time to search for the deeper meaning in what you’ve created. Questioning every moment what is in the best interest for everyone in your life. The Full Moon urges recognition of honor the connotation of the “other” – other people, other ideas, and other values. Relationships are of great substance at this time, there is a greater need to allocate, to join, to partner, whether idealistically or through other channels.


There is a higher calling to work toward achieving stability – balancing external and internal personalities, to be able to take without guilt and give without expectations. This type of thinking will set into motion the greatest ideals of what is possible and what can be created to climb a mountain of the highest desired goals.  It is time to clime the mountain the higher than ever before.

Reputation, success, go,go,go….. There is no limits to what can be accomplished during this full moon and always remember take love seriously, too. Seek propriety and dignity in all things.  At the same time there is a greater chance of withholding emotions.  Emotional situation will be taken with great significance through predetermination of the outcome of words to action. There is a greater need to accompany only those who are disciplined and correct.

The energy from the full moon in Capricorn could instigate ambitious, practicality and leadership, whereas there is a greater need to nurture others through acknowledgment and to encourage to be more preserved and persevere difficulties in reaching their goals and expectations.  These seeds could the very seeds of guardianship which may have been adopted by a female guardian or a motherly figure where discipline, order and recognitions were the high point of growth. This may invoke a necessitate reaching out to a wise woman or woman of high status.

The moon in Capricorn is the magnification of Saturn where learning and difficult lessons are emphasized. It is time for material aspiration and an awareness of work and duty.  It is time to for the search for higher self gratification. People might become thoughtless even unsympathetically cruel, but the self-centered becomes necessity rather than animosity.

The Saturn influences of Capricorn which cause doubt or pessimism to creep in.  Generally, while the Moon is in Capricorn energy is lethargic.  It is time for conscientiously applying your self to tasks while living solely in the present. The Earthy Capricorn Moon sets us straight up the mountainside toward our highest goals.

Since, moon in Ambitious, Serious, Determined, Practical, and Capricious, there is a greater call for balance.  Reciting a mantra brings the peace needed to accomplish goals, and create an environment of success and appreciation. It is recommended that calling to the higher power through sounds allows for vibration of a new prospective.

Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is depended upon the quality of intention, and when it comes to finding a satisfying relationships and success, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but it is a powerful source of energy the mantra for Capricorn moon is:

Om Sri Shanaishwarya Namaha

(OM Sri Shan aish shwarya Namaha)

The intention of this mantra is to guard and protect and fulfill needs.

It is my suggestion that you purchase a green candle and recite psalm 117 if you find the mantras too difficult.  Make sure you take the time to write down 10 aspirations and recite them every day and word them to say I can have…

Many people have asked the question how often they should have a reading done by a physic or a tarot reader.  In my opinion an in depth reading should be done every moon cycle.  Since, every moon cycle represents a change it not only affects our external forces but our internal forces as well.  Of course, we all have burning questions every now and then and it maybe necessary to have a reading done more often, but sometime we have to let universe take its course.  When dealing with a tragic situation it is my suggestion that before you have a reading done you must clear away negativity and fear from your emotions so that a reader can give you the clearest reading possible.  Remember every physic base all their telephone readings on your energy. So remember to ask guidance from the higher power before having a reading so that you can be neutral with your energy.  The clearest answers can be given when energy is at a neutral point.

Never get a reading with your energy is scattered because you may not receive the best reading possible.  98% of all physics are empathic and clairvoyant so this energy is very important to them as well as you.   Always remember every reader has their boundaries as to how far in the future they want to read.  This is of their choice; however, reading beyond 6 months is a very hazy situation due to free will. . Our free will plays an important role in our destiny and we are able to change anything.

Please note that I am not an Astrologer, I am a Vedic reader which means that we must encompass and embrace the tools of Astrology as a ground basis of change.  Vedic readers focus on preventive medicine through future forecast and general tendencies rather than absolutes, which can only be magnified by the higher power not a human even through the greatest abilities.

The entire month of July I am offering my regular clients reduced price readings through appointments.  Be sure to check your emails frequently.

Wishing you the most successful full moon in Capricorn.



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