New Moon in Pisces

New Moon in Pisces

On March 15, 2010 we will have a New moon in Pisces 4:01 EST, 1:01 PST and 25:10, GMT.

 The New Moon signals a time of emergence. There is an impulse to take action and begin something new, be it a small change in the way you approach your daily routine or a whole new path on your journey through life. The energy is right for making spontaneous moves and following your instincts. This is the time to act from your heart and trust the process – take a risk, live in the moment, dance to your own drummer.

 It’s also a moon of Shiva who destroys our imperfection in order to bring spiritual growth and progress.

The New Moon blesses new beginnings, and invites you to take a chance! What do you want to create in your life? What vision do you wish to manifest? The New Moon is an asking (invocative) time, and a time to formulate what our needs are according to the opportunities available through Pisces this month.

 The new moon in Pisces, normally a time of peace, love, and the planting the seeds for spring. It is a time of earth renewal when the first scents and stirrings of spring are so tantalizingly close.

The Pisces new moon represents a time of very dramatic feelings & responses. Self-destruction impulses can arise for those in the grip of negativity & pessimism. For many it becomes more difficult to enjoy and appreciate the quality of life .The power of emotional energy can be beneficial if directed into creative endeavors and self-healing, but often there is a strong desire to simply slip into escapism It is better to indulge in positive pastimes, rather than yield to more destructive escapist activity.

 Depressive tendencies can easily dominate under this New Moon. The influence of this New Moon can be especially difficult or challenging for those who were born under a New Moon PHASE, as well as for those of the mutable Sun Signs Virgo, Gemini & Sagittarius. Also, for those whose birth Moon is in PISCES, this New Moon can represent a critical time for potential accidents, injuries, carelessness and the undertaking of rash decisions or judgments. 

The Watery Pisces Moon feels everyone’s woes with a kind and sensitive heart. Give to others, share your dreams, and create from your deep imagination. Don’t let your wandering heart get lost!  The Moon in Pisces marks a time of emotional sensitivity, nostalgia, and spirituality. People may become more sensitive, compassionate, and imaginative. As creativity will be enhanced, this is a good time to explore musical talents and other artistic endeavors. Represented by a Pair of Fishes, Pisceans are selfless and spiritual, often strongly intuitive, and they are receptive to the collective unconscious. While the Moon moves through Pisces, people may feel devoted and gentle but also fragile, passive, and timid. Dreams and memories may stir during this influence.

Neptune that brings as inclination towards psychic impressions rules Pisces Imagination is strong when the moon is in Pisces There is a heightened sensitivity to music and other intangible forces.  Tendencies are to be emotional, spiritual, and self-sacrificing.  The moon in Pisces adds a developing impressionability that can create feelings of vulnerability, drifting into withdrawal as an emotional protection.  People may feel passive sentimental gentle, kind and cheerful but too easily discouraged.  Some might experience stirrings of vague memories (often identified as past lives) or insights into spiritual meanings of current situations. 

Since, moon in Pisces is Sensitive, Imaginative, Psychic, Empathetic, and Creative we must remain focused and uses our Physic abilities to move towards our decision-making. It is my suggestion that you purchase a Purple candle and carve your name through the wick.  Anoint the candle with Sage oil or Lavender oil and chant the psalm 08.  You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is depended upon the quality of intention, and when it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but it is a powerful source of energy the mantra for Pisces moon is:

“Om Nama Shivaya”

(Om Nah-Mah Shee-Vah Yah)

This Siddha mantra uses the universal elements that govern each charka: Earth, Water, Fire and Air, this is also a time of Mahashivratri for most Hindus and thus an auspicious time for renewal and rebirth for many of us.

 With every moon cycle, remember to cross out the old affirmation even if there is a slightest change and create new ones. The perfect number for aspiration is 10.  This means to list 10 aspirations and recite them every night until the next moon cycle.  Remember never make the affirmations beginning with “I must”, it must be worded “I will be guided.”

I hope that you transition through this time in a wonderful way and continue to make progress and always remember we are transformational beings so nothing will be the same as it is today for tomorrow.




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