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Vedic/Astrological UpdatesThank you for visiting my site. The solar eclipses of 2014 have changed many people’s lives. I had predicted in 2013, that 2014 will transform the political front, create economic deprivation, depression, loss of jobs and relationships and I would not be surprised if people die suddenly and also new information comes to light for many. In 2014, the information could have shocked many of us but it all does not have to be bad. It could mean that a promotion is in the horizon, political collaboration could occur, and economical changes, which can be difficult for many could bring equality and justice, which it has. Whatever the case may be 2014 has brought us a new era a new process of thinking but most of all a growth of our own inner self like no other. This was the predictions which I had been in the early part of 2013. Remember it is all in the attitude.

Always remember we are transformational beings and every lunar phase. It is not the way we view things it’s the way we communicate and our visions and our goals change continually. Through our own transformations we become what we want to become and attract the relationships and partnership where we are fosters, encouraged loved and what we are destined to have. It is not a law of attraction I say it is self-manifestation. Perception is reality and we must do what we can to always be kind to one another. Due to the technological advancements the focus of interpersonal relationships are dying and were are becoming very mechanical. I challenge you in 2015 to do one thing kind for someone daily for every ounce of kindness you will be surprised how your life changes. My prediction for 2015, will be in many facets of our lives; transformation will occur in areas of region and how we define it perhaps it may not be orthodox as we had assumed.

Higher education will also change creating new policies in areas of financial aid and the types of studies. Work habits will also go through a transformation where employers will demand their employees to be more meticulous in the area their duties work. Additionally, there may be deaths of people who believed in the truth and justice. Mothers and guardians will play important roles in the transformation of their children. New policies will be set forth in areas of Law enforcement. Relationships which are not based on the truth and convictions will end. If there is anything that is hidden in relationships it will come to light. If it be that relationships are welded together all of a sudden by speaking and articulating the truth or that finally the tension is clear. 2015, is about the truth, justice and hard work.

Through these transformation kindness, giving and volunteering your time to a good cause will be the theme for 2015. It is time to open that door for a stranger or just let someone pass you in a lane while you are driving or just saying hello. But one thing I challenge you is to unplug and unwind, get off Facebook, Twitter, put down the I-phone and disconnect and spend quality time with friends and family just for one day a month. Make it “Your time to appreciate” If it be a small gratitude or having to adjust what you love to do or giving up things that are wasting your time. Whatever it may be it will bring out the magnificent changes in the internal and external auras.

What better time than right now. … I hope 2015 brings wonderful changes to you and your environments and I hope that I can lead that way for you. I want nothing more than just to bring information… This site is not used for donations, fundraising, advertising clicks and supports itself. I don’t believe in pop ups and I don’t feel that advertisements should be a means of informational tunnel, what I believe is to bring information to you and yours to bring spirituality, love and understanding so that you can live life through clarity and understanding. If you wish to have a private consultation with a small fee I am able to provide that to you at your leisure.

So sit back … have a glass of water… and enjoy the information that I bring to you bi-monthly. And remember 2015 will be like no other year in your life time.. Politically, Financially, Spiritually, Materialistically, through breaking the road and re-building again. Read more about the 2014 transformation and the new 2015 attitudes here.  If you like the type of articles I write be sure to press the star button on top of this page and be sure to follow me.  For those who are interested in side bar articles make sure you join my mailing list here.  But if you are a social media fan  you can always follow me on Facebook.  Lastly if you wish to book a private session the information about the session can be found here and direct link to prices can be found here (services).

Upcoming events…

Sun in Sagittarius/ Moon Gemini

fmgem2015kFull moon in Gemini

November 25, 2015

By Maharani Rutan©
On November 25, 2015 at 5:44pm EST and 2:44 PST we will have another amazing illumination in our sky with the Sagittarius/Gemini full moon.  For all those born November 19-25, certainly you will be affected and do not be surprised if something ends in your life.  In addition, those that have mutable signs anywhere in their chart (Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Virgo) will also be affected; the severity depends upon how much Gemini or Sagittarius is magnifying the chart.  At 3 degrees it will be impacting early born Sagittarius and I am most certain this degree has not been redundant, not at least in the 21st century, and unfortunately it won’t be this degree until 2022.

Mystery of mysteries, the Moon calls the daydreaming soul to awaken and roam in lands beyond the coherent, the sensible, and the cosmological daylight self… It is time to foldaway in the dreamtime, heeding to your perception, pursuing solutions in ancient reminiscences profound within your cataleptic… Let go of your grip on the routine now; don’t try to have it all make sense… Keep a dream journal and open to moon whispers… Work with divination, scurrying and other forms of magic that let the mind float free… It is time to be outrageous, and worship the ever-changing beauty of the night Read more directly by clicking here.  Or view all my astrological articles here

 6 month transits..


Total Lunar Eclipse

Super moon

Blood Moon

Harvest moon

Full moon in Aries

By Maharani Rutan ©
The most unique phenomenon which will be occurring on September 28, 2015 will be similar to the energy we felt on October 08, 2014 (read about it here). Not only is it a super moon, it is also a total lunar eclipse, blood moon, and a full harvest moon. Nothing can be as spectacular as this. But I can say that the October 8, 2014 total eclipse came pretty darn close.

The total lunar eclipse usually happens every 2 to 3 years. This wonderful phenomenon occurs when the Earth, Sun, and the moon are forming a completely straight line. The sun is blocked by the earth and its light never reaches the moon. Thus the earth casts a shadow instead and when the entire shadow covers the moon it is called the total lunar eclipse. The next eclipse like this will not occur until January 31, 2018.tla98115

This Libra-Aries full moon and Aries Eclipse essentially is the opposition of two equals. The Libra motto is “I choose what is stable” and Aries: “I want what I want and I will find power to get it”. Therefore, this eclipse asks what in life is stable and what dynamism or willpower is needed to get it. The last eclipse in Aries was on April 14, 2014 but it impacted all those born in the early degrees of Aries. This one is determined to change the state of those that are born March 20 through April 1st. However, this eclipse is very exceptional; it has Libra and Aries transcribed all over it so it really does not matter what degree, the only thing that matters will be a transformation in one way or the other.Read more about this article here or other lunar articles here


Partial Solar Eclipse

New Moon in Virgo

September 13/14, 2015

By Maharani Rutan©

Abstracts from Leslie Hale

On September 13, 2015 at approximately, 12:40am EST, 9:40 PST, the eclipse will begin its motion. The sun will begin to move in a perpendicular line with the moon at a very slow rate. At 2:41 am EST, 11:41pm PST, the moon will become voided by the shadow of the sun, thus the maximum eclipse will be at 2:52am covering most of the moon. However, this is why it is called a partial eclipse, as the reflection of the two planets (moon and the sun) will make it appear as such. There will be a crescent sun in the sky. The eclipse will not last long and as the time the moon and the sun move apart the eclipse will be over by 5:05 am.

“The Solar eclipse is in Virgo and this sign rules the 6th house of work, health and service. An eclipse of this nature can reveal situations and changes at work, in diet and health and our level of service we provide others in many different ways.”-Leslie Hale


This 6-month period is a time to focus on work, health, apparatus, and repetitive daily habits. This particular Eclipse will affect those that have Virgo planets anywhere in the chart including the sun and the moon. Virgos are highly accentuated, and we need to guard against being overly critical, politically driven, and manifesting worry about our restrictions. Tiny specifics can over-run long-term goals. However, Virgos will not be the only ones affected by this eclipse as all mutable signs will feel the potency (Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius and Virgo). At this time it is about countless finales and wonderful openings. “When one door closes another opens un-expectedly”-Anonymous. Read more of the blog here or list of my vedic blogs can be found here

Longer Transits……2015-2018


August 11/12, 2015- October 2016

By Maharani Rutan©

As Jupiter changes signs every 18-24 months. On August 11, 2015, Jupiter will enter/return in the sign of Virgo.

For all the hard work Virgos have put into themselves through changes and all the pain and suffering. this is the best time of your life. It’s time to get your hands dirty as you will reap what you sow. Your skills will be perfected, and who knows, you may learn something new. Virgos will also become busy bees. It will be time to take those baby steps. Virgos looking for some sort of break, here it comes. Those Virgos that are seeking to expand, move, or alter their career, Jupiter will help you succeed.


There were many hints that the universe had given to you in approximately 2002-2004. Any risks you took that were mistakes brought you to today. Now that you have learned to make mature decisions, Jupiter will bless us to look at things in a much larger view. Virgos will question what they need to do to change. They know though that they want life to be perfect, they are not perfect, and that it is not the experience but the journey that will take them there. . Read more about it here (direct link) or you may browse through my latest vedic lunar blogs here

 Continual transformation from 2012…..2017…

Saturn in Sagittarius

Dec 2014-2018


There has been so much talk about Saturn, Neptune, Eclipses, and Moon and Sun transits and inclinations that it is enough to confuse anyone. Nevertheless, here is another article about Saturn. I hope that this will shed some light on the subject, perhaps making it easier to interpret and understand.

Saturn is a teacher and a punishes. Saturn teaches us self-accountability, self-reliance, and independence while maturing us to be better individuals so that we can only rely on ourselves. We have to learn to live in the here and now and not be bogged down with our past as the past is history and we have to become better people through tough times. This can be quite difficult for many as it can cause depression, feeling self-suppressed, hopeless, and when things hit they hit hard. While it never takes us below what we can handle, it causes us to slow down and think about the risks we took and those we are about to take. Read more about this here

 Continual transformation from 2012…..2018…


Saturn Enter Scorpio for the next 2.5 to 7 years

 By Maharani Rutan ©

Abstracts from Leslie Hale

On October 5, 2012, Saturn will enter Scorpio. Saturn is known as Shani in the Vedic scriptures. Like many deities in the Hindu philosophy, this deity also has its own reasons for being and reasons magnifying during certain periods. Shani is Devi (Deity, Avatar of God) and is prominent in many cultures and beliefs of Hinduism. Shani is a representation of the older deities as a son of Surya (the sun deity). With its complex history Shani has been known to protect humans from sinful acts and help remove obstacles. However, many Hindus fear this deity and its presence, yet it is also present in every human’s chart. The complex question arises when we ask how a deity enters a human’s chart.

“Saturn last transited this sign November 30, 1982-November 18, 1985. Prior to this it was October of 1953-October of 1956. Anyone born during these periods will experience their first or second Saturn return during the next two and a half year cycle. Queen Elizabeth of England, God willing, and all others her age will experience their third Saturn return. This period always proves a pivotal point, as one prepares to make way for their next life phase, as the planet structure and limitation returns to its original place in our natal chart every 29.9 years” Leslie Hale

Shani has been known to be the greatest teacher of all. He wishes well for those that are humble and take the righteous path and punish those that are focused on greed and vengeance. When Shani (Saturn) transits through one’s chart it takes a pass for about 2.5 years in total of 7 years when it reaches every astrological sign. During a Shani (Saturn) period one could feel depressed, disappointed, alone, become agitated. Or sometimes it can have a complete opposite affect where life is a pleasure. This all depends upon the placement of Shani (Saturn) in ones chart.  ….Read more about this transit here.. or browse through my vedic/astrological transits here

Psychic Vedic ReadingsBody, Mind, and Spirit
– Meditation provides the ability to silence the mind and experience the inner self. Meditation restores natural power to the mind just as charging restores power to a worn out battery. Meditation destroys worries, fear, and stress that people experience in the “cut-throat” competitive environment of modern societies. When the mind becomes quiet, the body becomes quiet too and knows how to repair itself. The following simple technique may be used to meditate daily: Sit in a cross-legged pose on the floor or on a chair with feet flat on the ground. Keep the spine straight and fully relax the body and mind. Your overall feeling should be as if you are sitting on the beach of a calm ocean, on a starry cool night of the summer. Close the eyes and gently focus attention at the center between the eyebrows (ajna chakra). Breathe normally (don’t force breathing in any way) and say mentally Rã (ã as in father) while inhaling and Mã (ã as in father) while exhaling. Practice this meditation technique 20 to 30 minutes twice daily, in the mornings and evenings, before meals. At the end of the meditation, with the eyes closed and attention focused at the center between the eyebrows, say the following prayer, as recommended by Paramahansa Yogãnanda: “I will reason, I will create, I will do everything I set my mind to do, but Oh Lord, guide my creative abilities to do the right thing that I should do.” Meditation Techniques: Purchase some relaxing music (I prefer Indian flute or Fairies). Lay in your bed completely relaxed. Close your eyes and visualize God by you as if you were having a conversation. These are the words you can possibly say to him:” I love you, I think you are beautiful, we have shared so many wonderful moments, I love everything about you. God shine the light upon my soul and the guardian angles give me peace and harmony. Give me clarity, honesty and love that I deserve”

Spiritual Baths: Fill your bathtub with some lavender oil and luke warm water. Place some sandalwood incense somewhere in your bathroom for you to get a sense of touch. Cover your eyes with a white cloth that is dipped in lavender oil. Relax and release the tension and the negative energy which maybe causing conflicts in your life.

Eastern Vedic ReadingsPrayers – Prayer is a very powerful tool available to man to purify the mind and gain spiritual strength. Prayer is the foundation of success. In the most carefully controlled scientific study ever performed on the effects of prayer on healing, cardiologist Randolph Byrd, formerly a University of California professor, showed that prayer is a powerful force in healing and that sometimes it can make the difference between life and death for the sick person. The sages tell us that for a prayer to be effective, faith in the Divine, concentration of the mind, and positive thinking is necessary prerequisites before, during and after the prayer. If one prays for success and at the same time holds thoughts of failure within, the prayer will not be answered. Sages tell us that the mind is the transmitter of prayers. Thus, a prayer transmitted by a restless mind is akin to broadcasting over a broken transmitter. To receive God’s answer to our prayers, sages provide the following instructions for prayers: Meditate before praying to calm restless thoughts. Keep the body still throughout meditation. “Be still and know you are God.” According to yogic literature, the nerve center between the eye-brows (ajna chakra) is the transmitter of prayer and the heart is the receiver of God’s answer to the prayer. If a prayer is properly transmitted, God’s answer appears in the form of subtle feeling(s) arising in the heart following the prayer. To pray, focus attention at the center between the eyebrows and say the prayer mentally with the deepest devotion of your heart. Repeat the prayer until it becomes one with your consciousness. Always pray to God as His child, who demands the rightful share of all God’s bounties. Never pray to God as a beggar.

I am a firm believer in Meditation and manifestation. I believe that you can change anything in your life if you wish to do so. Below are some techniques that may help you in reaching the pentacle point of your life and your aspirations.

Candle MagickCandle Magick – Candle Prayers: In the evening find a quite place where you are able to read and relax.

The following candles will give you what you need they need to be anointed with certain oils to give you the best possible solution also take a plain white piece of paper and write your aspiration on the paper and place the candle of your choice over the paper. I recommend the following bible verses to chant after your affirmation: 2 Samuel 22:45-51,Isaiah 54:17,Psalm 86,Psalm 35,psalm 91,John 15,John 1. These are your options. White can be anointed with protection oil and wisdom or lavender. Peace, healing tranquility. Green- Come to me oil or Prosperity oil or lavender (prosperity). Yellow candle should be anointed with Protection oil or lavender (Institution and friendliness). Orange- Wisdom oil or come to me – brings luck. I do not recommend red/pink for anyone that is going through problems at this time. Red is too fire and pink is passion that is difficult when one has not healed completely. After the candles have completely burnt out. Than bury the candle wax somewhere


What is a Tarot reading?

“Reading the tarot is much like taking a snapshot – for just a brief second, time is frozen. Here is a picture of you at this exact moment. Here is the opportunity to look around – see where you have been, where you are now, where you would like to go next.

Each tarot card holds a message. Much like someone learns to speak a foreign language or play an instrument; a reader learns the special language of the tarot deck and then interprets the messages for you.

The tarot will not tell you how to win the lotto, how to solve medical or legal problems, or how to do harm to anyone.

The tarot WILL show you possibilities and/or alternatives to solving your problems. It can tell you what the situation was in the past, what it is right now, what the most likely outcome is for the future. It can tell you your best course of action. It can tell you the challenge you face, the opportunity you have, what you need to know most, and what to concentrate on.

The tarot teaches you how to know yourself, to follow your own path, and to make better decisions. The tarot shows you how to have a better life. “


Make sure that the reader you call says something in their advertising about professional ethics.

An advertisement that promises 100% accuracy is dishonest – no reader is that accurate.

It is not ethical for a reader to :

Put you on hold while they “meditate” or “pray” with you!!!


Look carefully at the price per minute being charged

If you have a limited budget, tell the reader right at the outset how much time you want to spend on the phone.

But be reasonable – you cannot expect a decent reading in two minutes!

The more specific your questions are, the more quickly the reader will be able to give you an answer.

Be prepared to allow some time for what you have been told in the reading to come about.

Don’t keep calling back every day until it does!

You will only be running up a big bill.

For the same reason, it is not a good idea to call several readers and get confused by apparently contradictory messages.

Keep a pen and paper beside the phone.

Make some notes as the reader talks, and when you get off the phone, write down everything that you can remember, before the message fades.

The best results come from readings that are acted upon.

Life rewards action!

It is also not sensible that you would receive a reading within 3 minutes.
Thank you for consulting me about your concerns. I wanted to take the time to explain my readings. As you may be aware that I do not do readings such as Celtic cross or relationship readings, rather focused on in-depth readings. It is very important for me to have you understand the reading is not about Yes or NO it’s the gray in between that makes a difference in each and every reading.

28249Love and Relationships – Love and Relationship topics are so vast in nature therefore I have have created a catagory of its own. There you will find articles on Soul Mates, Types of Love, and much much more..

Love is not always about when he/she is coming back love is about what you can give and what to expect.  Love most of all is about unconditional love not about manipulating love.  But the most serene love must begin with the self

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